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Uxbridge Apartment

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Property Details:

About this Property:

Uxbridge Apartment in Cole Bay, Sint Maarten is a fully furnished 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment is located on the side of a hill in a quiet residential neighborhood. The views from the porch are spectacular overlooking Cay Bay, the Simpson Bay Lagoon, the Caribbean Sea and the Princess Juliana International Airport. This Cole Bay apartment is a few minutes’ drive to the French Sint Martin, Simpson Bay, and Cay Hill.

Both bedrooms at the Uxbridge Apartment in Cole Bay are equipped with queen size beds, a large closet, dresser and air conditioning. There are 2 parking spaces available for the tenant and there is access to a common washing machine. This location is conveniently located near bus routes, shopping, bank, schools, AUIS SXM, and restaurants. Internet service is included in the rental price although the tenant must provide his/her own router. Uxbridge Apartment is a perfect location for medical students, a small family or couple. Pets are allowed on approval by owner.