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Villa Vanessa

   Beds : 5    Baths : 6    Property Ref no : 977   
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About this Property:

[unitegallery VillaVanessa]Pelican Cove’s Villa Vanessa sits on one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in Sint Maarten / St. Martin. Truly sitting on Pelican Key point with a 280 degree ocean front view, this 6 bedroom 5.5 bathroom villa has potential for a single family estate home, a vacation rental or a high-end B&B. The sound of the ocean will lull you into a new mind-set and revive your senses.

Sunrise and sunset postcard pictures from your lounger. Choose whether to dip in the warm sea in a carved out natural swimming hole, or drift under the Caribbean sun on your pool floater. The owners have enjoyed all kinds of fresh fish caught right off their dock, here in Pelican Key, St. Maarten.

Villa Vanessa in Pelican Key is situated close to all amenities, such as banks, groceries, entertainment and professional services. To have a villa of this magnitude so close to everything, creates an incredibly unique and valuable property.

This St. Maarten gem has incredibly large dining and sitting areas to entertain even the largest parties. The outside area is equally as large yet warm and relaxing. Ever changing and amazing views you will never get tired; sunsets, sunrises, Saba, St. Barth, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Jets landing/taking off, mega cruise-ships in the morning and lit up at night, the lights of St. Maarten hillside, the many regattas including the Heineken races, and dolphins sited at this spot in the springtime. You will find it hard to read a book as you will continually want to look up at the wonder of your view.

This rare property has been well loved for many years by the same family. The owners are leaving the island and it is time for someone else to enjoy this Caribbean perfection.

The home comes mostly furnished, with hurricane shutters and/or glass and is ready for you.
Call or email Linda or Mario for a private viewing and additional information.

• 6 bedrooms
• 5.5 bathrooms
• Swimming Pool
• 280 degree ocean front view
• Sunsets / Sunrise
• Incredible location, close to all amenities
• Security guard
• Spacious rooms
• Air conditioning
• Hurricane Shutters and/or glass
• Incredible Crystal Chandelier in stairwell included