Carbon Grove Condo
Cole Bay Sold

Property Reference No: 1055
Property type: Condos and Apartments


Carbon Grove is a project that is being worked on and is located in Union Rd in Cole Bay. Are you looking to purchase a beautiful building with multiple apartments that can be rented out’ If yes, this is the right building for you.

The land area of this entire project consists of 18 acres of hillside land facing the beautiful unobstructed views of Simpson Bay Lagoon and the newly constructed causeway bridge. The area is very serene and quiet due to the ascension into the hillsides. There is very little development in the surrounding areas of carbon grove at the moment. The carbon grove development will be built in 2 phases, with phase two following phase one in quick succession. The development will be a gated community. The perimeter fencing will be of rock-walls attractively designed to lend to the esthetics of the community. One main snake-like development road that connects to the main public road will run through the development and provide direct access to each unit.
Structure and Roof: The development structures will be modern contemporary construction will be of modern contemporary construction nature, utilizing stack lines as the essentials thread running through all the buildings. All roofs will be of cast concrete. That will lend to more comfortable interior temperatures and to the strength of the structure that will exceed the requirements of the building code.
Interiors: The interior will be painted in natural colors. Two parking spaces will be allocated to each unit within the development.
Common Areas and Landscaping: The common areas which provide for traffic and landscaping will be maintained by the developer, through the homeowners association, whose work will be funded by a $150 per month fee in the case of the condos and $300 per month in the case of the town houses. The state of art 24-hour security surveillance of the entire property will add value to the community and each individual unit.

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