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Maho Apartment Short Term Rental

Beds : 1    Baths : 1    Property Ref no : ST-021      
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Property Details:

  • Sale type: Rent
  • Property Ref no: ST-021

About this Property:

Cinnamon in Maho is fully equipped with utilities included, satellite TV, Free WIFI, Automated hurricane shutters and much more. You can relax and enjoy a private patio looking out to the nearby parking lot and street of Maho. The rooms are simply furnished and have all the basic requirements that every home needs.

This is a great 1 Bed /1 Bath Apartment in the heart of Maho Village. You are literally five minutes away from the Airport, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacy, and casinos. To the public transportation, it’s a two-minute walk. No need to travel to Philipsburg for errands, because the nearby Simpson Bay and Cole Bay areas have it all.

For the beach lover’s, St. Maarten’s most pristine beaches (Maho, Cupecoy, and Mullet Bay) are a few minutes’ walk. This apartment is secure and is an absolute gem. It’s MOVE in ready!

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