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Dawn Beach European Delight

Beds : 5    Baths : 5    Property Ref no : 032      
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About this Property:

Dawn Beach Europen Delight.
A delightful European-style 4 bedroom villa + 1 bedroom apartment located in Dawn Beach Estates, St. Maarten. This property features granite kitchen countertops, private swimming pool, outdoor dining and bar, underground wine cellar, private driveway and a beautiful garden.

All floors were constructed with reinforced concrete and finished with ceramic tiles. All windows and doors has hurricane shutter protection. This Dawn Beach Villa is surrounded with stone and block walls and there is an electric gate before entering into the private driveway. This is a fee-simple property.

The master suite has been remodeled and expanded recently, it has a walk-in closet, shoe room, Jacuzzi and sitting area. The master suite and 3 other suites, kitchen, the living and dining room, pool, terrace and balcony are situated on the one floor.

The living room is furnished with custom-made wooden cabinetry, wine fridge, wood and leather couches, antique paintings – definitely a delightful living room.
On the upper floor, there is a storage room and office space with a full bathroom, this can be converted into a bedroom.
There is also an apartment on the ground floor that is being rented for $1250 per month. This apartment has a separate entrance and consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bath, living and dining area, laundry room and balcony.

Dawn Beach Estate is an exclusive gated community located on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. It’s located extremely close to the Westin Resort in Oyster Pond. It’s less than 15 minutes away from Philipsburg and Orient Bay Beach in French Saint Martin by car.