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Guana Bay Villa Tesche

Beds : 4    Baths : 4    Property Ref no : 1005      
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About this Property:

This elite 4 bedroom 3.5 bath in a secluded setting has something for everyone. Situated on a slightly slope hillside of Guana Bay and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Guana Bay beach and multiple high-end villas make you enter a different world.

Guana bay is one of the most prestigious residential areas on St. Maarten. Guana Bay is a long, wide bay with excellent white sand on the beach, it is so quiet and peaceful. Once you are there, you will enjoy a fabulous view of St. Barths in the distance, less than 15 miles away.

Villa Tesche in Guana Bay was featured in numerous architectural magazines such as Miami Design. With 3 separate floors to the 4 bedrooms, this villa allows plenty of privacy. Two of the bedrooms which are situated on the same floor could be either rented out to generate income or used as guest rooms. There is a balcony on each of the bedrooms that offers incredibly stunning ocean and valley views.
Enjoy and appreciate the gracious Caribbean lifestyle, the breathtaking views, the mountain and sea breeze from the living area throughout.

Villa Tesche in Guana Bay master bedroom’s layout is simply unique and heavenly. Wake up to the clear blue sky through the long and wide glass doors with its balcony overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and directly on the tastefully designed pool. The perfectly maintained private pool consist of solely fresh water. Enjoy the magnificent and unobstructed ocean views while swimming in the pool or sitting on the patio beside it. You’ll love the nature creeps right up to the edge of this delightful patio.
The gated parking area is conveniently situated near the entrance of the property.
Own all this for just $1,395,000.