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About this Property:

Are you looking for a great property to call home on St Maarten, then Claude Estate Hill’s two-storey townhouse is the place for you. This newly constructed property is situated on the Blueberry Hill and close to Madame Estate’s area. There is easy access to the Amsterdam Shopping Center where you will find many businesses, medical office, bars, and supermarkets. Within 5 minutes by car you are in downtown Philipsburg, Great Bay and Little Bay beach. Within 10 minutes by car, you will be over the border on the French side, Quartier d’Orleans.

From the hillside where this spectacular two-storey house is built, there are impressive views of The Great Salt Pond to the Port of St. Maarten. Imagine having a long day and coming home to enjoy the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and of the cruise ships as they arrive and depart the Great Bay Harbour. These views are very relaxing scenery. The panoramic views will be even better on the second floor balcony off the master bedroom of the house!

The interior of the townhouse has 2 spacious bedrooms and 2┬Żbathrooms. Each bedroom includes custom built-in closets and a ceiling fan, as well as its own bathroom. There is also conveniently located on the second floor the laundry facility. In the house, there are stylish-vaulted ceilings and luxury light fixtures. The living room space concept is entirely open and the kitchen has been upgraded with a breakfast bar. There is also a nice private back patio and a front balcony on the entrance.

To the side of the property there is also a nice little yard for your enjoyment. There is also two parking for each property.