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Indigo Bay Villa

Beds : 5    Baths : 3    Property Ref no : 996      
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About this Property:

Indigo Bay Villa is a beautiful new house in a new development called Indigo Bay Estates, within a quiet gated community and 24/7 security onsite. Yet it is just a few minutes to Philipsburg (the Dutch capital), great restaurants, duty free shopping, casinos, spas and grocery stores. And only 10 minutes from Princess Juliana International Airport and the French side of the island.

Indigo Bay is unique because of the techniques that are being used in order to create a perfect life environment. Because of its half-moon shape, Indigo Bay offers amazing ocean views and tranquility to everyone. Indigo Bay is unique in that it has incompatible qualities such as easy access, seclusion and safety. The villa has all the amenities of modern day life and a natural look and feel; it’s perfect comfort and sustainability.

Indigo Bay Villa consists of a 4 bedroom house plus a studio with a separte entrance. The main house has a private pool and yard. There is also a large balcony overlooking directly to the ocean and the nearby islands. It has a perfect view where you can sit and enjoy the magnificent sunset of St. Maarten everyday and also watch the annual Heineken regattas as they pass.

The main house of Indigo Bay Villa is currently rented for $2,750 per month. The separate studio is furnished and has a stunning ocean view from its spacious balcony. This Indigo bay studio can also be rented for approximately $900 per month.

The majority of the exterior walls are finished with natural rocks, a very impressive and solid construction. All of the windows of the house and studio are hurricane proof. There is parking available for 5 cars. The white-sandy beach is just a walking distance away.

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