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Luxurious Porto Cupecoy

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About this Property:

A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a Luxurious and Spacious one (1) Bedroom Home/Apartment in the heart of Porto Cupecoy, Sint Maarten.

Has an inside measurement of 94 square meters and Balconies with 45 square meters. Also has a beautiful garden, and a marvelously grand shared Swimming Pool.

Fully equipped kitchen with oven, microwave, fridge American, dishwasher…

Living room with covered terrace and garden.
Bedroom with Bathroom (double vanity unit, bathtub, shower, toilets).
A half Bath in living room.

Laundry equipped with washing machine and tumble-dryer.
Apartment equipped with CANAL-SATELLITE (CHANNEL French and US).

Building with intercom and digicode.
Equipped with wall air conditioning, Phone and Internet.