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La Terrasse Maho Condo

$ 219,000
Beds : 1    Baths : 1    Property Ref no : 214    Sqft : 1,000   
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Property Details:

About this Property:

Location, location, location! This condo in La Terrasse at the Royal Islander Club is in the “heart” of the active and fun village of Maho on the Dutch side of St. Maarten/Sint Maarten. It has a wonderful pool on the deck, as well as a cozy Jacuzzi to drink under the stars at night. There is also a small kiddie pool and even an Observation Deck to watch the planes land. The famous Sunset Beach Bar on Maho Beach is just across the street. And within just one block you can walk to thirteen restaurants, six bars, the Casino Royale and also Tantra Night Club. There is also a Drug Store one block away. In addition your great vacation condo has a very good market attached to it for any groceries or libations you need to stock up on during your stay.

And if you wish to turn this into an income property by renting it to Short Term Vacation Renters, it already has a great track record with repeat guests to be turned over to you.

Did I say great location….the world famous Mullet Bay Beach which has been voted the “best beach” on the Dutch side of the St. Maarten is also walking distance from your vacation condo.

The quaint French side of Saint Martin is very close and the Princess Julianna International Airport is less than 5 minutes away to give you the maximum time on your vacation before heading back home.

Simpson Bay with its many restaurants, bars & nightclubs and Philipsburg with its great Duty Free Shopping are both just a short drive away.

Yes you could not own in a better location for Fun, Sun, Sand and enjoying our beautiful Turquoise Caribbean Water.