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Sunflower Villa

Beds : 3    Baths : 2    Property Ref no : 236    Sqft : 2,529   
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Property Details:

  • Sale type: Sale
  • Property Ref no: 236
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Flooring: 1
  • Lot Size: 701 m2
  • Water: City Water

About this Property:

Sunflower Villa in Sint John Estate is a three bedroom, two bathroom home located in one of the islands safest, quiet, childfriedly and green communities. This beautiful villa is surrounded by lots of yard space and lush garden with plants and fruit trees.

This villa has a unique design of a foyer , formal living room, TV/family room, large dining and granite kitchen counter tops with lots of space with even a bar area. The master bedroom has a his and her walk-in closet and large master bath with a Jacuzzi bath tub. The other two bedrooms share one large full bathroom that also serves as the powder room.

The design of this Sint John Estate villa was well thought out with front and back porch and French doors that allow the flow of wind and great light in the villa. This St Maarten villa is fully equipped with hurricane shutters and lots of space for expansion, add a pool if you like, a play area for kids or a parking for 4 cars. You have your private fenced yard with vehicle entrance and walk-in entrance directly onto the front porch.

This is just an outstanding and beautiful villa that is great for family living. Centrally located in great community that is closed to schools, supermarkets, the city and other necessary amenities.

This is just not a villa it’s a home ! The present owners has kept it well maintained and very livable. It’s in immaculate condition and move in ready.

Please, call us today for a viewing , make an offer!

An absolute gem and that piece of paradise you are looking for!