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Villa Klassic

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Property Details:

About this Property:

Artistry of Living!!! Elegance, Grace & Beauty.

A villa with Caribbean ambiance and sweet harmony which prevails with the enchantment of the overflowing pool: a wedding of water and vegetation. The Escape!!!!!

This charming villa is found nestled on the hillside of Almond Grove. 3 suites: master suite is a sophisticated realization for pleasure in abundance: The Triumph!!!

Luxury and simplicity transcends in the dressing rooms, double living rooms and Italian kitchen. The huge patio is flooded with information for the artist eyes, focusing on infinity of the lagoon and ocean. A Nice Prospective!!!

A corridor flowered and fresh, gardened in “restanques” well farmed, and well favourable to the relaxation. Pure Eden, a blow up of colours!!!

Separate from the main house is an apartment with patio: The extension!!!

A pacified calmness of the Simpson Bay lagoon and airport run-way: The View!!!

Villa size: 420 m2, Lot size: 1259m2- The Space!!!