St Martin

St Martin is the french side of an island shared between the French and Dutch. Located 300km east of Puerto Rico,, this island spreads across 37 miles and is the smallest island to be shared by 2 nations. St Martin has a more subtle ambience compared to St Maarten which is the Dutch side of the island . St Martin is known to be home for more fashionable shopping and fine dining experience. This french side of the island has more of a continental flair.

St Martin also boasts of serene beaches and candlelit restaurants lead by Paris-trained chefs. Marigot which is the capital of St Martin has a resort like appearance with yachts in the harbor. It also has open-air markets lining the waterfront. This is the best destination for nature lovers and those who love to explore panoramas of enticing scenery. The beauty of the undersea world is magical with the corals and caves filled with presence of colorful tropical fish. Although the French and the Dutch side has been divided between 2 nations for over 350 years, the ambience of the island makes it a paradise on earth.