St Martin – Commercial Property
Concordia, St Martin For Sale

For Sale
Property Reference No: 1040
Property type: Commercial


Concordia – Commercial property for sale. A prime location!!!
This commercial property located on French St Martin was a former school! This property can serve various purposes with its multiples rooms and open spaces.
This school was specially designed and arranged for disabled students to ensure easy access all through the school. The main entrance is accessible on the ground floor, all classrooms are accessible by wheelchair. Ramps are in place to allow access to areas where there would have been a raised curb or steps. Each floor has adapted toilets for disabled users.
Overall this property is composed of:

  • 2 offices equipped with desks, chairs and storage units
  • 10 classrooms each including a chalkboard, chairs and tables.
  • 1 library with book shelve, books, tables
  • 1 reception including a desk
  • 1 local
  • 3 bathrooms each with custom assisted toileting
  • 2 Attic, one of them including chairs and tables
  • 1 Clearance room
  • 2 covered balconies with view on the garden
  • 1 shower room


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