St Maarten Beachfront Property

St Maarten Beachfront Property

Enjoy the magnificence of St Maarten in its glory.
Always near a beach, always near a lagoon.
Anywhere you live, beauty follows you.
Mountains, lagoons, oceans & greens.
Be one with nature, be one with you.
St Maarten and you will be in love.
Welcome to a Caribbean paradise.
Your new home in St Maarten.
A beachfront paradise.
In clear waters.
White sands.
Dream home.
For you.


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All beachfront property in St Maarten is Government owned.
All beachfront property in St Maarten have to pay a yearly Government lease.

We know you want to know as much as possible about all the beaches in St Martin and St Maarten … so prepared everything for you!

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St Maarten Beachfront Property

The Executive Committee of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten hereby makes known that they have established a policy concerning the use of beaches.
The policy states that;

1. the beaches must be useable for everyone, both local residents and tourists alike, for recreational purposes;
2. developments that, physically, have a negative influence on the recreational use of the beaches will be opposed;
3. the beaches will be protected against natural and human influences, that sever their recreational and natural function.

The policy covers:
The strip of sand with a width of at most 50 meters, of which the surface consists of natural sea sand situated along the sea, or, in absence of natural sea sand, the strip of land with a width of 25 meters from the high waterline, situated along the public waters.

The consequences of this beach policy are that the Island Government will strive to ensure that:
1. the beaches are openly accessible for the general public, which means that there must be a wide access that is free from physical and mental barriers (levers, hotels etc.).
2. no construction works or activities that occupy the space on the beach in a way that restricts normal use of the beach for others, will occur on the beach.The Island Government’s position is that construction works on the beach are annoying and disfiguring to the surroundings. It is not desirable for dwellings, hotels, businesses, etc. to be built or situated on the beach.
3. the beaches will be protected against pollution, disturbance, destruction, etc. and against erosion, hurricanes, etc.

In summary:
The main objective of the policy is protection of the recreational value of the beaches. Also, the value of the beaches as a part of nature should be protected as much as possible. If necessary the value of certain beaches as a part of nature can – possibly temporarily – be placed above the recreational value.

Consequently, in the future the Island Government will not permit construction works or activities on the beach unless justified by special circumstances. These special circumstances must be in the general interest of the island.

More coming soon!