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Cole Bay Diamond Estates Villa

Beds : 4    Baths : 3    Property Ref no : 210    Sqft : 2,500   
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Property Details:

About this Property:

This large 4 bedroom house in the Diamond Estates development of Cole Bay on St. Maarten/Sint Maarten. It is conveniently located close to large grocery stores, hardware stores, the Causway Bridge to the airport and Simpson Bay, as well as just a five minute drive to the French side.

This spacious villa has many extra features such as panoramic hillside views, a beautiful Brunswick Pool Table, a large indoor Jacuzzi for two, a lovely bar and entertainment area next to the family room for entertaining, a $15,000 generator just 2 years old, 30 Hurricane Shutters at the cost of $50,000, several new smart sensor air conditioners, a very large garage and tons of extra storage space, plus security cameras!

The master bedroom has a walkin closet and each bedroom has a large flatscreen tv. It comes fully furnished with very nice furniture pieces including a large aquarium. In addition there is a second kitchen making it easy for use as an extra apartment.

Outside you have a yard with a high wall surrounding it. This ideal for children or pets to play and also has many fruit trees (mango, papaya, sour sap), along with many plants and beautiful flowers.

It is centrally located between the airport and Phillipsburg so you have easy access to everything on the Dutch side and less than 5 minutes to the French side of Saint Martin.

The owners have already moved and are motivated to sell, so come see this new property listing while it still lasts.