Ritika Nanwani

Owner / Head Broker

Owner and Broker

If you needed a new heart, would you trust someone who only performed surgery once? Of course not.

25 years in St Maarten real estate. Owner of Century21 St Maarten. Featured on HGTV twice! Awarded Best Real Estate Agency under her stewardship for 11 years straight! This woman is a force of Power.
Her experience predicts any problems and solves them before they are a problem.

Reputation is key on St Maarten.
Ask anyone, Ritika…

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Pooja Nanwani

Property Specialist
Listings - 35 properties

Pooja is a natural in real estate. Having been mentored at an early age she is mature beyond her experience and is the brightest prospect in the real estate industry. Born and raised in Sint Maarten gives her an edge. She knows every corner of the beautiful island she calls home. Having graduated in Marketing, there is no better individual to represent your property in this digital focused age.

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Yamilet Santana

Property Specialist
Listings - 13 properties

Yamilet is invigorating and reliable.

Energetic, courageous and blindingly loyal.
Yamilet has been on the island virtually her entire life and is very much a local. She gives you expert knowledge on locations and can show you secrets that only an expert can share.

When selling your property with Yamilet brings an impressive high net worth demographic that shines a bright light on your property. Yamilet makes it look easy!

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Charlotte Planner

Property Specialist
Listings - 30 properties

Charlotte with her graceful presence brings joy to your property search. She knows what you want even before you know it!! Charlotte is gifted with an innate ability to understand her clients so well that she has a remarkable sales and rental record at Century21.

Charlotte brings years of experience, which means she knows how to get you to the finish line smoothly. Connected throughout the island Charlotte doesn’t just bring hard work, she also opens your property to her…

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Sales & Marketing
Listings - 39 properties

Working behind the scenes Ash sprinkles magic dust where needed. Acting in an advisory role at Century21, Ash brings composure to proceedings with vast knowledge and experience in business gathered from adventures plenty in Africa and Europe. Talk to Ash if you want to make the impossible possible.

Entrepreneurial at heart, Ash focuses on return on investment. His creative force will set forth ideas and constructs that you and I would barely imagine possible.

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Lal Baharani

Property Specialist
Listings - 14 properties

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Cedric Croes

Property Specialist
Listings - 27 properties

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Bob Barron

Sales Agent
Listings - 66 properties

Before moving from the Boston area, I was in the banking industry and was also a high school hockey coach. Since my arrival on St Maarten in 1994, I have been involved with property sales, marketing and management. As an agent for Century 21 Island Realty, my specialty has been vacation property sales, as well as the management and marketing of many of these properties after the sale.

Almost all of my clients have been from the US and have…

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