Sea Breeze Hotel Cay Hill

For Sale
For Sale
Property Reference No: 199
Property type: Commercial


Are you looking for a great investment that will surely give you a 10% return or more’
Sint Maarten is the place where you would want to invest!

St Maarten�s spectacular Sea Breeze Hotel in Cay Hill! This property is a perfect tactic for a return on investment. With 40beds/40 baths I should not even have to do the math to tell you how much money you can make in a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Fully equipped with a pool, a restaurant, generator, parking, and not forgetting the location that allows you to access banks, groceries, shopping, hospitals, entertainment and other amenities too numerous to mention.

Since the day of establishment, this hotel has been the number one place for short term renters visiting St. Maarten from around the world. Guests who have stayed here have voted the Sea Breeze Hotel 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor. Sea Breeze Hotel has been a name that many know and trust for great service. It is one of the best overnight spots closest to Philipsburg the capital city of Sint Maarten

There are 40 rooms at $100 per night full occupancy for just 15-nights per month will generate over 700K per year. Isn�t this an investment you would want to make where your money will work for you, I sure hope so’

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