Bloomingdale Guana Bay Estate Land For Development
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Bloomingdale Guana Bay Estate Land For Development

Prices from $70 a square meter!

Bloomingdale Estate in Guana Bay consists of 9 plots of land of which one has already been sold! The land sits on the hilltop extending inland from the entrance of Guana Bay and is blessed with incredible views over the hillside, Great Bay, Philipsburg and the Salt Pond.

Mind blowing views

Unlike other properties in Guana Bay this land gives you stunning sunset views.

On an extra note, plot H9 also boasts views over St Baths, plus sunrise and sunset views and is considered to be the most upscale in terms of views.

Guana Bay Estate Land For Development

We like to be transparent, so we have listed all the building conditions here. In reality, they are normal and in fact, the conditions protect your investment value on the long term from over-development and market value.

Guana Bay Land Conditions

  • Building Envelope 25%
  • Driveways must be a minimum of 8 meters wide and paved for at least 3 meters.
  • All buildings must be connected to a proper sewage treatment system.
  • The height of boundary fences may not exceed 1.5 meters unless transparent it may be 2 meters
  • For every two bedrooms, regulations state one parking lot.
  • Excavation must be done in such fashion that the angle of the land minimizes erosion; i.e. with temporary run-off control. NOTE: slopes with angles steeper than 45deg should have retaining walls installed.
  • Exposed terraces with heights over 2 meters must also have retaining walls installed.
  • Building height may not exceed 9 meters and contain a maximum of two floors.
  • The maximum height of the roof eaves is 7 meters from existing grade
  • In case of roof slope, all roofs must have angles between 20 and 45 degrees.
  • The foundation of the building may not exceed 1.2 meters above ground level. It is possible to increase this height with the approval of ROB.
  • The minimum allowable distance between an access road and the facade of the building is 5 meters.
  • The minimum allowable distance between a common boundary and a building is 3 meters.
  • The minimum allowable distance between two main buildings is 5 meters.
  • Each individual building must contain a cistern with a minimum capacity of 3 cubic meters per bedroom, per building
  • In case a retaining wall is mandated due to conditions of terrain, this is the first structure that needs to be built before the rest of the development may continue.

Prices are negotiable (especially if you decide to buy more than one lot.)

Prices and lot sizes

  • H1 – SOLD
  • H2: 4055M² – Price: $283,920
  • H3: 3986M² – Price: $279,760
  • H4: 3572M² – Price: $271,440
  • H5: 3450M² – Price: $268,320
  • H6: 3527M² – Price: $268,502
  • H7: 3867 – Price: $275,600
  • H8: 3814M² – Price: $277,680
  • H9: 13430M² – Price: $904,800

Invest In Your Future Now!

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Bloomingdale - Hillside land with views over St Barths, Greatbay, Philipsburg and sunset. Attractively and competitively priced. Contact Cedric for more information or +1 721 523 5730

Posted by Cedric - Century21 Real Estate, St. Maarten on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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