Pelican Key Investment Condos Pelican Key, St Maarten

Property type: Condos


Pelican Key Condos

Pelican Key Condos is masterfully designed as a duplex consisting of a one-bedroom condo on the ground floor and two-bedroom condo on the top floor. This property is very popular with tourists seeking short term vacation homes.

Originally a three-bedroom home converted into two Pelican Key condos. The property was converted into a money machine. Now a two-bedroom condo and one-bedroom condo to maximise income from short-term renting. A perfect business model.

I recently sold a triple studio in Pelican Key, near La Vista Hotel, which was listed for $399,000. That property was appraised for $445,000!! This means this particular Pelican Key condo property must be valued closer to $500,000!!

Pelican Key Condos

The rental income is the part thats guaranteed. Furthermore, for a property to become available in this part of Pelican Key is rare. A hot spot for tourists and a convenient sport for locals. Surrounded by other hotels this location offers you everything within a walk.

The beach is a 3-minute walk to Buccaneer Beach Bar, a plethora of restaurants from five-star Italian to grilled burgers on the beach, everything is just a short walk away. Not forgetting how close you are to Simpson Bay, which is the nightlife hotspot for Sint Maarten.

If you are wondering why the owner is selling such a good investment; sadly the owner is looking to liquidate and re-locate. An opportunity for you!

Ocean views everywhere

One of the highlights of buying in Pelican Key, is the ocean views. Pelican Key is the Belair of Los Angeles. Everyone who is somebody lives here. It is the number one location in Sint Maarten. The sunset ocean views will leave a beautiful imprint in your memory forever. The views alone are worth it.


We have prepared a short case study analysing the Pelican Key Condo market. Citing references from recent sales near this property. This information is vital to you.

It would be a pleasure to share my study on the Pelican Key Condos with you, please contact me on WhatsApp or phone; +1721 5261819.

Two-bedroom Pelican Key condo

Two large bedrooms, open plan kitchen and living space with large terrace facing sunset ocean views. Everything on one large ground-floor condo. The condo is huge, approximately 1600 square feet. Normally you find three-bedroom condos in Sint. Maarten are around 1500 square feet. So this is tremendous space!

One-bedroom Pelican Key condo

One large bedroom, open plan kitchen and living space with terrace facing sunset ocean views. Everything on the first floor. You will notice from the photos that this condo it also very large with about 1200 square feet of space.

Prime Location

Pelican Key is so desirable; it is considered to be the number one spot for repeat tourism.

Teamed with an action-packed location you have everything within your reach; simply footsteps to beach, restaurants, cafes, bars, casinos and family activities.

Still thinking about it!? Check out these popular photos on Instgram, highlighting some of the best of what Sint Maarten offers. A plethora of fun, views and lifetime of memories; in Sint Maarten.

One of the only minor downsides I would like to mention is that the property requires cosmetic refurbishment. The owner has been renting as is, and makes considerable income from the property. However a higher standard of refurbishment will offer a higher return on your investment on the long-term.