Wanted to be surrounded by water? Looking to purchase an ocean-view apartment? Terres Basses is located on both French side of St. Martin surrounded by sea. It is located in the Lowland areas. Terres Basses is the heart of the island ‘Gold Coast’ which is adjacent to the new Blue Mall with fine shops and restaurants. Terres Basses is physical located on the French side of the island; however, it also enjoys the sophistication and natural beauty of the sea. It is well known for its many restaurants and beach bars. Find best villas and apartments for sale at Terres Basses of St. Martin.

St. Martin is also known for “the friendly island”. If you are a nature lover? Then your choice should be Terres Basses. Terres Basses are beloved by tourists and locals for its gourmet cuisine. Indulging in a decadent French meal after a long day in the sun is one of greatest pleasures of Terres Basses. Find real estate properties in Terres Basses, Sint Martin, where you can find the best villas and ocean-view apartments at Terres Basses, Sint Martin.

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Location: Terres Basses, St Martin Clear

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