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What Is The Construction Cost In St Maarten In 2023?

New construction is everywhere in St Maarten.
There is a boom in St Maarten construction and development.

Probably the most important question that needs answering before any sort of St Maarten construction or redevelopment is what is the cost of construction in SXM?

Best New Developments in St Maarten

Indigo Bay condos on Indigo Bay Beach.
Belair Beach Condos on Little Bay Beach coming soon.
Sold Out Fourteen Mullet Bay Residences in Cupecoy.
New 1-bedroom beach condos coming soon on Simpson Bay beach.

Why is there is a construction boom in St Maarten now?

The clue to this answer lies in this report from BCQS.
The construction costs show high quality construction cost per square foot is 385 USD to 580 USD.
And the all important sales value starts at 500 USD per square foot.

A medium sized two-level villa is approximately 2400 square feet of living space which equates to a luxury level turnkey villa construction cost of USD1,392,000 approximately.
These values taken from 2022 do not take into effect the fluctuations of material and labour costs.


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St Maarten is No.1

Everything points towards St Maarten becoming the most investable location in the Caribbean. Especially during the pandemic, we have seen that only two Caribbean islands have thrived in tourism; Aruba and St Maarten.

St Maarten’s culinary attraction brings the best to these shores; giving a cultural edge like no other.

Construction In St Maarten

St. Maarten real estate is a growing industry. Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, many investors decided to continue investing in the real estate market. Construction in St. Maarten is reaching peak levels and there is no indication that it will soon stop.

There are a lot of exciting projects in the industry of Construction in St. Maarten. But before you get your wallet out and start writing that cheque to Century 21 St. Maarten, we deem it necessary to look at just how good the industry of construction in St. Maarten has become popular over the past years.

St Maarten: An Overview

St. Maarten is a competitive marketplace of prime real estate located on the southern side of the Caribbean. It stretches on a 37-square-mile island and is considered the smallest one in the world that is governed by two countries. The market is competitive for buyers who want a retirement home. But more than that, it has become a great investment.

In a recent study, most purchasers of the housing market in St. Maarten are focused on renting out their real estate investments to tourists and short-term leases while the rest are looking for a retirement home or a halfway house, halfway between their real life and paradise. The result is their investment works for them. Instead of continuously paying for their maintenance fees and upkeep of the property, as well as homeowner dues and the like, the property pays for itself. If you are a homeowner or a property investor, you know how important it is to take into consideration the maintenance and upkeep fees.

Perhaps, this is the main reason why properties in St. Maarten are often rented out and condos in St. Maarten are also very competitive. Condominiums in St. Maarten are very popular. Over the past 16 years, the industry has seen big changes, both positive and negative. With only 37,500 residents, St. Maarten has a small domestic market and a very big global market.

Further, due to the further domination of St. Maarten in the yachting business and sailing events like the Heineken Regatta, the properties in St. Maarten are selling a lifestyle much more than a real estate property. This is why an attractive condo in St. Maarten sells at $275 to $375 a square foot while some sell at $200 per square foot.

Luxury villas, on the other hand, are a different thing and do not sell based on the size but the whole cost. Properties in the form of villas currently sell for around $2 million up to $20 million. This fact makes for a very attractive industry of construction in St. Maarten. Most buyers want to have a sense of control over the properties since they are already spending a lot of money on them.

If you are looking to buy a property in St. Maarten or you already have one and are looking to begin construction on your property, then you should read on the succeeding paragraphs and see the necessary information related to construction in St. Maarten.

Weather in St. Maarten

St. Maarten is not without any problems. The island also faced many weather problems, even if they are years apart. The worst hurricane that the island experienced is Hurricane Luis. Many hurricanes also pass by the island.

The most recent hurricane in St. Maarten devastated the island in 2013 and the island is still recovering. This is one of the main reasons why construction companies in St. Maarten are continuously investing in new technology and hurricane-resistant construction in St. Maarten is the trend.

Furthermore, due to the weather in the tropical paradise, the construction regulations in St. Maarten are strict. There are also construction companies in St. Maarten that have taken it upon themselves to take charge and start construction using materials that are hurricane-resistant, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly.

The bottom line is that since St. Maarten can be considered as a tropical island, it has the weather of the tropical islands – the wet and dry seasons. Property values are not affected much by the hurricanes and the devastation they leave behind so it is still considered a good investment for anybody who can invest in St. Maarten and what it has to offer.

Construction Regulations in St. Maarten

Construction in St. Maarten is governed by strict, but easy to follow, construction rules. Whenever you want to acquire any kind of real estate property, the Building and Housing Ordinance of St. Maarten is the main legislation that one should follow. It stipulates the important rules governing the design and construction-related aspects related not only to construction in St. Maarten but also focused on public health and safety.

To begin, it is important to know that according to the Building and Housing Ordinance of St. Maarten, there shall be no construction works that may be carried out in St. Maarten without a building permit coming from the government.

To get a building permit in St. Maarten, the application must be submitted in writing. The application must state the circumstances of the owner: the name of the applicant, his profession, and his place of residence. Construction regulation in St. Maarten requires the submission of documents such as proof of ownership, drawings of the building, calculations on the structure, the foundation plan, the subdivision plan, site plans, and the floor plans.

Restrictions on the height of the structure are very important in St. Maarten. There is further information that the government may ask in connection with an application for a building permit. The applicant is obliged to provide all of the requested information.

In case of refusal, there is an appellate system that allows those who want to continue their construction project in St. Maarten. This is where a good construction company in St. Maarten may come to your aid and assist you in your construction needs.

During the pandemic, there are also some very straightforward and strict health and safety protocols that individuals must abide by if they are looking to start construction in St. Maarten but all are pretty straightforward.

Zoning And All Other Regulations You Should Know Before Construction in St. Maarten

A lot of real estate companies and real estate agents would tell you that location is one of the more important aspects of dealing with real estate. The real estate investments that you make in St. Maarten would be able to continuously increase if you know the construction regulations in St. Maarten. This is where the zoning regulations become more important for the individual who wants to start construction in St. Maarten.

Construction regulations in St. Maarten is not unique. The construction regulations in St. Maarten are based on the Unified Comparable Zoning Plans applied in the Netherlands. In St. Maarten there is a rule that is called the “existing situation regulation” in terms of zoning. Generally, all existing structures that differ from the regulations permitted under the development plan may be rebuilt and changed, as long as they keep their size and nature.

By definition, an existing structure is defined as that which was already constructed pursuant to an irrevocable permit at the time that the draft development plan is placed for public view, that which may be constructed pursuant to an irrevocable permit and that where an application was submitted prior to the time that the draft development plan is placed for public review.

There are some other zoning regulations that we have summarized for you to deal with the construction regulations in St. Maarten:

Allotment Gardens

The government has encouraged the use of empty parcels of land as home gardens. The property owners may reinstate their original intended use for the parcel of land at any given time. According to the regulations, the zonings where the allotment gardens may be realized are as follows: Center, Traffic or along the edges, and the three Residential zoning destinations.

Building Heights and Density

The restrictions in terms of the building height, as well as the density, are also imposed. The building density or the percentage developments of the plots are important especially in terms of the restrictions imposed on the property owners.

Why are these restrictions imposed?

The restrictions are imposed in order to prevent buildings from being built at heights and density that will affect the spatial aspects, air safety, parking needs, traffic circulation, and other aspects of living in St. Maarten.

Hence, if you are planning on dealing with construction in St. Maarten, you should necessarily note that you should leave room for intensification in relation to the efficient use of space and simulate spatial accents.

Plot Boundaries

When building residential property, or any property, in St. Maarten, you should find that minimum dimensions between the building and the plot’s boundaries have also been required. 5m to the front boundary and 3m to the other plot boundaries are required to be kept clear from obstruction and any kind of construction.

Construction Companies in St. Maarten

Just like in any other real estate market, there is a competitive market of construction companies in St. Maarten. This competition makes for a healthy range of construction costs in St. Maarten and also gives individual investors more choices. What are your choices of construction companies in St. Maarten? What are the companies that can help you create your dream home in St. Maarten? Let us look at them one by one.

Atlas Construction Company in St. Maarten

The Atlas Construction Company in St. Maarten is one of the pioneer construction companies in St. Maarten. They have been around St. Maarten since 1991 for the construction of the Princess Height Condominiums. Princess Heights Condominium is a 15 unit luxury condominium hotel in the Dawn Beach area.

As a construction company in St. Maarten, Atlas Construction Company prides itself in creating Princess Heights Condominium not just because it was a big project. There is pride in building the structure that withstood the worst hurricane in St. Maarten. Of course, some repairs had to be done after the storm but the structure was sound and still there after the storm.

To date, Atlas Construction Company in St. Maarten prides itself in handling big construction projects such as the First Auto SXM in Cole Bay which was built and finished in 2019, the Retaining Wall Ocean 19 in Indigo Bay completed in 2020, and many other projects that used hurricane-resistant materials.

Commodore NV Construction Company in St. Maarten

The Commodore NV Construction Company in St. Maarten is another construction company in St. Maarten that has built a reputation through the years. They have built condominium projects in St. Maarten and building projects that are also strong and sturdy. On their website, they pride themselves in saying that they always keep abreast of new technology that could enhance their developments and bring their structure from the present to the future.

They also pride themselves in using new materials and new systems that aim to fully utilize time as well as the request of their clients. Finally, the Commodore NV Construction Company in St. Maarten also aims to integrate more new technology to improve the client’s experience and outcome.

Liccom Construction Company in St. Maarten

The Liccom Construction Company in St. Maarten is another developer in St. Maarten who has been around for some time. Arriving on the shores of St. Maarten back in 1996, the company is still thriving some 15 years later. This construction company in St. Maarten prides itself in saying that they have built apartments in St. Maarten, some buildings, and did renovations here and there. Liccom Construction Company in St. Maarten is still one of the most trusted companies in the area but there are a lot of other companies that you may want to check out.

Sonesta St. Maarten Resorts: A Hurricane Resistant Construction In The Caribbean

One of the most popular construction companies in St. Maarten is the one by the Maho Group. As owners and operators of Sonesta St. Maarten Resorts in the Caribbean, the company has taken every step possible to take advantage of the latest technology. They are rebuilding the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort Casino & Spa using storm-resistant materials. This hurricane-resistant construction in the Caribbean is just one of the many 2021 new constructions in St. Maarten that we all have to look forward to.

With the hurricane-resistant technology being used for construction, the company is indeed one of the gems in the industry of construction in St. Maarten. Currently, the phase of construction is utilizing the work of TCK and LVKE building technology. This company is a China-based, green technology consortium whose main claim for fame is being at the forefront of modernizing the construction industry through the creation of energy-efficient storm and fire-resistant building materials. Testing is also being done on the hurricane and earthquake conditions that affect the new construction in St. Maarten. Through the expertise of Reggio Calabria’s Building Future Lab, hurricane and earthquake testing is now possible.

Caribbean General Contractors Construction Company in St. Maarten

Caribbean General Contractors (CGC) is a relatively new construction company in St. Maarten. Unlike the previously mentioned construction companies in St. Maarten, CGC has only started its business since 2014. The team of CGC is not just focused on construction but has also been doing some infrastructure maintenance and use of heavy equipment and trucking operations.

To date, the CGC also does demolitions jobs, road pavements, and they rent out their trucking and heavy equipment to other companies.

St Maarten new construction 2021

Comparing Construction Costs

When we compare construction costs with different countries and the costs of construction in St. Maarten, there are a lot of factors that affect prices.

Construction in St. Maarten costs around $ 3,267 on average per square meter while that in the Dominican Republic costs around $ 2,078. While the prices are very different, we can easily attribute that to the lifestyle that is being sold in St. Maarten.

The price of construction is also comparable to that of the United States. On average, an American home construction would cost around $298,000 while that in St. Maarten is said to be higher. This will be discussed further in the succeeding section.

construction st maarten, In the year 2020, there is an increase in the average construction costs in St. Maarten as compared to other countries. Studies have shown that this is primarily because of the fact that the pandemic has put a halt in the movement of goods and services. To date, the average increase in construction costs of 4.8% are found in three main areas – Cayman Islands, St. Lucia and St. Maarten.

The construction costs in St. Maarten for residential construction are currently pegged at $270 per square foot to $450 per square foot. This amount is comparable to that of the Bahamas which ranges at $290 per square foot to $490 per square foot. While the Bahamas is already syndicated as a good tourist spot and St. Maarten has not yet reached a global reach, the prices are very close due to many factors.

For one, St. Maarten is considered as one of the top destinations for the regatta and has been known as a good retirement area especially for people retiring from the United States.

On the other hand, the prices in St. Maarten is relatively higher than that of Jamaica. The construction costs in Jamaica is pegged at a range of $180 per square foot to $300 per square foot. Of course, St. Maarten is relatively less dense in comparison to Jamaica.

The numbers reflect one thing and that is the fact that the construction costs in St. Maarten may be at a higher rate compared to the other islands in the same area but that is attributable to a lot of factors. The cost of living and the propensity of retired individuals to stay in St. Maarten is higher compared to anywhere else.

Notable New Developments In St. Maarten

construction st maarten, Since St. Maarten is continuously under development, there are a few notable developments that individuals should know more about when they visit the country or when they plan to stay.

The Fourteen Mullet Bay residences is one of the latest and more notable new developments in St. Maarten. A lot of construction companies in St. Maarten have developed their new creations on the facade of this new development. The main plan was to make sure that it becomes a city on its own. The idea was for the city to have a life of its own and to make sure that it can be self-independent on the inside of the condo in St. Maarten.

For many individuals who want to make sure that they will get a property in St. Maarten and an investment at that, they should check out the offer of the Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos in St. Maarten.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In St. Maarten?

Now that you have an idea about the island, the construction companies in St. Maarten, as well as some properties that you can look at and where to find them, you go to the next step; How much does it cost to build a house in St. Maarten?

The answers to this question vary depending on many different factors. Of course, when you are talking about construction, the costs are often not as straight as any other purchase you will make in the market. Unless you buy an already constructed property, getting your dream home can mean certain unexpected costs. So, there is no one answer to that question.

However, further research shows that the rule of thumb is that it would cost around 35% more to build a house in St. Maarten in comparison to prices of construction in the United States.

On average, an American home construction would cost around $298,000. This is the mid-range that most homeowners report. The range goes between $150,000 to around $445,000 to build their home. This means that the range of constructing a house in St. Maarten could be between $202,500 to $600,750.

While there are a lot of factors that could affect building the house in St. Maarten, these are the numbers that you should expect. In a recent study, it was shown that the price of construction costs in St. Maarten for residential construction are currently pegged at $270 per square foot to $450 per square foot. This would put the assessment of a $202,500-home close to reality.

In terms of the timeframe, some experts are saying that it is best to hire an agent who can guard and oversee the construction. The time frame is not very urgent in St. Maarten so having someone look over the plans and make sure that everything is going well is necessary.

Is It Time To Build A Home Or Purchase Property In St. Maarten?

St. Maarten may be in the middle of the Caribbean but it is modern and certainly great as an option for retirement or investment. It is an island that we can all dream to retire on and enjoy the rest of our days sleeping in the sun, the sea, and the culture. The construction industry in St. Maarten is booming and the only thing that stands in the way of you making a purchase is you. Whatever your need may be, there are a lot of professionals and real estate companies who can help you find a place.

Century 21 Real Estate in St. Maarten can aid you in your search for a property. With its 25 years of experience, Century 21 Real Estate in St. Maarten can help you find what you are looking for. From finding the right plot of land to hiring the right construction company in St. Maarten, you can have all of the options available for you.

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New Fourteen Towers SXM – Mullet Bay Condos – Construction Update 2023

Mullet Bay Condos

Fourteen Towers SXM Construction Update 2023

$100 million in sales at Fourteen Mullet Bay! 21-level high-rise towers called “Fourteen” in Mullet Bay are shaping up to become emblems in St Maarten and continues to WOW everyone with demand being relentless!

Developer of the massive project Frank Teboul has now launched a new development Aqua Cupecoy.

For Sale At Fourteen Residences, St Maarten

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February 2023 Fourteen Pool Lounge

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos

Fourteen Tower A Common Area Photos

Fourteen Mullet Bay

Fourteen Mullet Bay Lobby

Fourteen Mullet Bay Lobby

Fourteen Mullet Bay Lobby

Fourteen Mullet Bay Gym

Fourteen Mullet Bay Gym

Fourteen Mullet Bay Gym

Fourteen Mullet Bay Gym

Fourteen Mullet Bay Lobby

Fourteen Mullet Bay Penthouse
Fourteen Penthouse

Fourteen Towers is St Maarten’s best new development located in upscale Cupecoy right opposite the world-famous Mullet Bay beach.
Absolutely incredible unobstructed views.
New construction techniques ensure total safety.
St Maarten is at the forefront of innovation.

April 2022 Update

Tower B has reached the 19th floor at Fourteen SXM. Almost there!!
Tower A residents have moved in and apartments are also now available for rent starting from $5000 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment on higher floors.

Fourteen SXM Site Plan

Fourteen SXM is changing Cupecoy.
Building a city within a city!
Top-secret plans!
Ask me.
Ritika on +17215261819

January 2022 Fourteen Towers Construction Update:

Already over 15-floors of the concrete shell is ready for Fourteen Tower B to be complete.
We have spoken to the Developer and Frank Teboul says that construction on Fourteen Tower B is going according to plan.

Sold in Fourteen SXM Tower A

Photo of Mike with Fourteen Condos Developer Frank Teboul. Call Ritika now to reserve your condo.

Fourteen Towers - Condos Sold By Century21

January 2022 Photos

Fourteen Towers - Condos For Sale

Fourteen Towers From Mullet Beach

Fourteen Towers - Construction Update 2022

Fourteen Towers - Condos For Sale

Fourteen Towers - Bedroom Ocean Views

Fourteen Towers - Condos For Sale

Fourteen Cupecoy Condos For Sale

Fourteen Condos For Sale

October 2021 Fourteen Tower Update

As of October 21st 2021, Tower B is mid-way through construction and is currently on floor 9 out of a total of 21 floors. Tower A is almost complete with boundary walls and amenities near to completion. We have been hearing great things from owners who have had the privilege to visit some of the condos.

These photos taken from an elevated position offers greater detail into the construction of Fourteen in Mullet Bay, St Maarten.

If you are looking for specific photos, we can help.

We are the Mullet Bay real estate experts.

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos Construction Update 2021

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos Construction Update 2021

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos Construction Update 2021

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos Construction Update 2021

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos Construction Update 2021

Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos Construction Update 2021

Fourteen Mullet Towers

Construction Update mullet towers, Focusing on the on-going construction of the 21-storey (tallest!) Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers in Cupecoy; luxury condos with ocean views everywhere. Key feature being: you will find it difficult hiding from the ocean!!

I live in the area, and drive-by multiple times a day, I can assure you this is a professional operation! Well managed and never any problems! Which is surprising to say for any construction site in Sint Maarten. So this is a great compliment to the background planning and on-going management.

They have also currently started excavation on the foundation for Tower B. Moving quite fast, to be honest, and meeting projections! Even though the Tower names are a little ‘cheesy’ with names like A and B; the completed residences are going to be a class above the rest.

And one of the marvels of this Construction Update mullet towers project is that when complete, Fourteen at Mullet Bay will be the tallest building in Sint Maarten.
The views from higher floors are going to be ‘mad!”. I can’t wait for the parties!!!

One of the things I wonder most is what are the views like from the Fourteen Towers penthouse? I mean its 360 degree literally! Raw unobstructed Caribbean views, above every hill and mountain in St Maarten. Maybe you can see more islands!?

Condo Sales

You only pay 30% right now. For prices of Fourteen Mullet Towers.
Read my story in the report with proof that a rival Developer complained about Fourteen Mullet Towers. Its incredible.

Detailed report with more photos: Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos

Condo Sales

Mullet Bay Towers in Cupecoy

luxury condos with ocean

February 2020 Construction Update

Tower B. Moving

Want to see more:
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My phone (WhatsApp) number is +1721 526 1819 and I am Ritika, Head Broker at Century21 St Maarten.

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Date of photos: February 2020

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The Hills SXM In Simpson Bay Construction Update 2022

Do you know why?

The same Developer; Frank Teboul is near completion at the famous Fourteen Condos development in Cupecoy which has seen pre-construction prices jump up by 25% on completion!
That is one phenomenal return on capital investment Dude!
Construction in St Maarten is booming.

The Hills SXM

We are personally invested in The Hills; so take my word; this is not a sales pitch; it’s an insider tip!

In fact, the official Return on Investment is 10% gross per year.

Be seduced by The Hills Residence, offering unique views over Simpson Bay lagoon and its green mountains.
This is going to become a landmark in SXM.
And it may already be!

The Hills Residence is made up of 150 modern and luxurious furnished one to two-bedroom apartments in four buildings with rooftop, solarium, swimming pool, as well as top of the range services.

It’s also a commercial area with 20 commercial premises and 2 restaurants, with parking slots, offering a wide range of possibilities to develop your professional project.

Buying Apartments At The Hills

I have been in real estate for 25 years; and every year Simpson Bay is the number 1 for condos.
It’s not just the convenience; it’s the vibe that Simpson Bay gives.
With world-class beaches within a few minute’s walk, its no surprise The Hills is considered as a world-class investment!

The modern and luxurious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, from 50 to 81sqm, offer a breathtaking view of Simpson Bay and its mega yachts.

Each building has a roof top, swimming pool and solarium. The apartments are fully equipped, with furnished kitchens and bathrooms, washer and dryer, air conditioning, private balcony or garden. Each unit benefits from a parking lot.

Prices start at an attractive price of $225,000 with an excellent rental return of 10% per year.
Returns on Commercial are probably higher!

Only buy at The Hills through an approved agent.
Call Ritika on +17215261819 for an immediate real-time availability update.

The Hills consists of 150 apartments.
You have a choice of one bedroom or two bedroom apartments.
All have wonderful views!
Very high occupancy rates in Simpson Bay for rental investment.

Construction Delivery

Building 1: 2nd quarter 2023
Buildings 2 & 3: 2nd quarter 2024
Building 4: 2nd quarter 2025

The Hills Construction Schedule

The construction site was started in October 2021. The shops and building 1 should are planned to be delivered during the 2nd quarter of 2023, the buildings 2 & 3 during the 2nd quarter of 2024, and the building 4 during the 2nd quarter of 2025.

April 2022 Construction Update Now – THe Hills St Maarten

The Hills SXM Construction Update 2022

The Hills SXM Construction Update 2022

Who Owns The Hills SXM

Founded in 2005 by Frank Teboul, FT Development is a large scale development and construction company based in Sint-Maarten in the Caribbean.

Creator of completed St Maarten developments like La Siesta, Ocean Edge, The Spa at Maho, Jordan Village, Adonis Hotel, Fourteen at Mullet Bay and recently The Hills.

Frank Teboul, its CEO, has completed multiple residence projects in Sint-Maarten since 2005, covering a total of 18,000sqm. An outstanding individual and humanitarian.