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10 Acre Hillside Paradise Guana Bay

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Property Details:

About this Property:

Guana Bay, Sint Maarten gem! Extremely rare full 10 acre parcel nestled at the top of Guana Bay overlooking your kingdom from an amazing piece of land. Home built to withstand all kinds of extreme weather, including it’s own power generation through solar energy. Run A/C all day long and leave the lights on, it’s free! Owner claims he can run his welding torch no problem.

The property with home is valued well under it’s potential as the home requires finishing, work and repairs. Amazing large workshop to complete your projects. Land is deeded for 2 Villas (with attached suite) on the property and it is not subdividable—you will always have your privacy and maintain high value as one of the largest pecies of residential land in the area.

The views over the Caribbean sea and Guana Bay are stunning, and is very close to one of the most beautiful, exculsive beaches. Pure privacy nestled in the hillside surrounded by lush vegegation. There is also a perfectly level and ideal for many uses. Electric gate and paved entry road up to the main house.

The owners have value priced this property and want it sold quickly. At $30 per sq.meter, you can not find this caliber of location anywhere on the island for this price for raw land. On St. Maarten/St. Martin, it will be difficult to match this value, view and this desirable location amongst multi-million dollar mansions in Guana Bay.

Make this your dream property, opportunity of a lifetime.

• Outstanding sweeping view of the ocean and Guana Bay.
• Swimming pool
• Rare 10 Acres of beautifully natural landscape.
• Solar powered home to reduce your energy bill.
• Parking for 7 cars
• Extremely private
• Great community
• Close to beach
• Sought after community

*All measurements are approximate and taken using a lazer measuring tool. Error may occur. Total size includes hallways, closets, interior stairs and entry.