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Simpson Bay Condo

Beds : 2    Baths : 2    Property Ref no : 097      
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Property Details:

  • Sale type: Sale
  • Property Ref no: 097

About this Property:

Modern, fully furnished 2 bedroom / 1 bathroom apartment on the Simpson Bay Beach

This apartment is situated under the “cathedral roof”, made from 7 inch steel reinforced concrete, on top of that 2 inches of heat and noise isolating foam, on top of that the green metal “tiles” type roof.

With the windows normally opened in the back as well as the sliding hurricane proof glass doors between the living/kitchen and the verandah, there is normally enough cooling trade wind coming in. But in case you like it even cooler, plenty of ceiling fans with dimmable lights and also oversize individual airco’s are fitted in all rooms, even on the verandah.

And these windows in the back are sun reflecting! This apartment has en-suite a second terrace to the master bedroom, with sliding glass doors over the full length from ceiling to floor.