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Indigo Bay Hotel And Condos 2021

Tau Capital and Altree Developments Inc. real estate development firms have partnered with Cay Bay Development (CBD) NV, the master developer at Indigo Bay Development, to propose the development of a US $220 million luxury hotel resort and condos in St. Maarten.

The proposed high-end hotel development at Indigo Bay Development, which The Daily Herald reported on several weeks ago, is expected to feature certain luxury accommodations and five-star amenities, including 94 hotel rooms and suites, 55 lanai suites, 60 two-bedroom units, 15 three-bedroom units, a large luxury spa (10,000 square feet), a conference facility, an all-day dining restaurant, a fine-dining restaurant, beach bar, pool bar, fitness centre, multiple pools, and a kids and teen club, it was stated in a press release issued by Cay Bay Development NV.

Additionally, the proposed hotel development is expected to feature large water ponds and greenery areas in keeping with its eco-centric vision, as well as an extensive public parking area for public beach access to Indigo Bay.

The proposed world-class hotel development, once completed, will be managed by an internationally-recognised hotel brand, which will lend itself to greater global recognition, the release said.

Developer Cay Bay Development NV (CBD) requests variances to prevailing Planning Permit- 05088 ‘Cay Bay Estates’ in order to realize masterplan ‘Indigo Bay hotel and Condo’ along the Cay Bay beach in the area commonly known as Indigo Bay. These variances pertain to building height, beach setback and zoning. A variance from the planning permit is possible under article 5.4. of the planning permit. In order to extensively weigh the variances against the potential impact to the general interest that the guidelines of the planning permit intend to serve, the minister of VROMI decided to place the proposed masterplan on public review first. The following elucidation provides an overview of the masterplan and the requested variances:
Building height

The plan consists of one (1) main hotel building (red dots) with a high ceiling lobby with a building height of approx. 21,50m. In addition, the plan includes
two (2) residential buildings consisting of five (5) floor levels and a building height of 17,5m (brown dots). The current allowable building height in the
development area according to the Planning Permit is four (4) floor levels, max. 3,5m p/level, which is 14m.

The development area along the Cay Bay beach Proposed masterplan and requested variances from the planning permit ‘Cay Bay Estates’
Cross section of one of the residential buildings and the Lanai suites Cross sections of the main hotel building (approx. 21,50m)

Beach setback
The beach setback is the distance between the face of a construction and the high water line. The minimum allowable beach setback as indicated in the VROMI Beach Policy (1996) and the Planning Permit is 50m in the presence of a beach (sand) and 15m when there is no beach present. The blue dotted line on the Masterplan map, along the beach indicates a distance of 20m from the high waterline to the proposed constructions along the beach. In addition, the red dotted line indicates a setback of 15m from the high waterline.

The purple triangle on the Masterplan map indicates a now natural preserved area (approx. 100m²) along the Cay Bay beach, which is requested to turn into built up area in order to construct part of the 2 floor level high ‘Lanai suites’ (approx. 6m).

Excavation of the site
In order to mitigate the impact of the proposed hotel development, the developer would be willing to substantially excavate the hotel site to lower overall levels. Additionally, the developer would be willing to lower the height of one (1) of the projected buildings to three (3) levels, whereas actually four (4) floor levels are allowed..

Variance in building heights:
Building will be lowered to three (3) floor levels (approx. 10,5m), instead of the allowable four (4) floor levels (approx. 14m)
Residential building requested to be increased to five (5) floor levels (approx. 17,5m)

Main hotel building requested to be increased to five (5) floor levels with a double height lobby (approx. 21,50m)

This is an informative post relating to the new Indigo Bay Hotel and Condos development. Nothing for sale.

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