Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten
If you search for a property nestled in nature, worry no more because your search ends at Indigo Bay! Sint Maarten is an island in the Caribbean. Indigo Bay is one among the thirty-seven beaches in Sint Maarten. It is on the north coast of the island, and it is prevalent among the tourists who want to isolate themselves and have a peaceful time.

The waters are lush and turquoise, and the sands are powdery-white. Walking on the beach while you are enjoying the view gives a delightful feeling. All that makes the beach even more beautiful. Here is all a visitor needs to know about Indigo Bay to find the best properties in the area.
Things to do in Indigo Bay

Go Snorkeling
If you are visiting Indigo Bay or any other part of Sint Maarten, you must go snorkeling! All the travelers recommend it, and it is by far the best activity to do. You will be with the most experienced guides who will take you with them on tour in the lush waters. If you get lucky while snorkeling, you will also get to meet some rare animals!

Go for a walk or lie down on the beach.
If you are in Indigo Bay and are not in the mood to do something, you can lie down on the beach and absorb the sun. You can still enjoy the waves while renting a chair, umbrella, and sipping a beer! Or else you can go for a stroll on the beach because walking on the powdery-white sand feels fantastic!
Beaches Near Indigo Bay

Indigo Bay Beach
Indigo Bay Beach has the ideal Caribbean beach environment. It is in between Phillipsburg and Simpson Bay. It is the perfect beach to visit if you don’t want to be with the crowd, have some delightful food, and enjoy some drinks. There are various activities to do on the beach, so you will never get bored.

Restaurants in Indigo Bay

Indigo Beach Restaurant
The Indigo Beach Restaurant is the most stylish restaurant in Indigo Bay. The restaurant has a very aesthetic look because of the white canopies and weathered wood. You can get the typical beach cocktails here and also many other things! The menu of the Indigo Beach Restaurant is very diverse, and you can enjoy the view while having food.

I Love SXM Beach Bar
It has a giant board, and when you visit the place, you will see how the restaurant is different from others. It will serve you authentic Caribbean food and the finest drinks. Furthermore, the beach bar is just a few steps away from Great Bay Beach. You can enjoy watching the cruise ships while having food here.

Karakter Beach Bar
This beach bar has cushion-lounge chairs to make your time at their place more relaxing. The site has received a lot of positive reviews because of its fast and friendly customer service. You can spend your day on a tropical beach while they serve you food and drinks!
What are the developments in Indigo Bay?

Indigo Green
Indigo Green is among the most lavish places in Sint Maarten. You can feel the tropical essence right from your bedroom. The view of the ocean from Indigo Green is breathtaking. The property is so spacious that you can even have your office with an ocean view in your house! All the beaches are pretty near to Indigo Green, to make it even better.

Seaside Nature Park
It is a thirty-acre nature park that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Earlier, the Seaside Nature Park was a plantation place. There are many animals in the park, and you can watch them from up close.

You can feed the ducks, pet the goats, look at the peacocks and admire their beauty, and you can even spot an iguana or two! Not only can you get horseback rides, but you can also get riding lessons at the Seaside Nature Park. You can pet the animals in Seaside Nature Park’s petting zoo. There are a variety of animals there, from pigs to goats to ducks.

Villa Vita
You will get a unique and panoramic view of the ocean from Villa Vita. It is just a five-minute ride from Phillipsburg and a ten-minute ride from the Princess Juliana Airport.

Indigo Green Condos
Indigo Green Condos are in the heart of Sint Maarten. There is also a private bay beach here. The view of the Saba island and the sunset from here is magnificent. All the rooms have large windows which help provide a fantastic view of the sea. Each condo has two large bedrooms and bathrooms. The walls are insulated, and so are the ceilings. The water heaters are tankless, and the condos have LED lights.

You will also be able to see a lot of cruise ships from your condo. You can use the property as your vacation home, rental home, or even your permanent abode. The price is also reasonable enough to make your dream of having a lavish home come true.

Villa Sea
It is a newly developed three-bedroom and bathroom condo villa in Indigo Bay. The total area is around four thousand square feet. You can view the ocean from every room, and the condo has state-of-the-art features. It has three bedrooms, and each bedroom has a private bathroom, a wardrobe, and air conditioners.

The bedrooms are pretty spacious, and you can easily add a king-size bed. The staircase has LED lighting, which adds to the aesthetics of the villa. Also, the windows are large, and it feels great waking up to the view of the ocean. The kitchen is relatively modern, and it has all the high-end appliances that you will need in a kitchen.
Prices of the best properties in Indigo Bay

Indigo Green Luxury Villas: $1,345,000
New Indigo Bay Villas: $940,000
New Indigo Bay Two Bedroom Oceanview Home: $625,000
Indigo Bay Luxury Ocean View Villa: $890,000
New Indigo Green Two Bedroom Modern Condos: $535,000
Oceanview Land Lot B7: $350,000
Indigo Bay Land: $319,000
Indigo Bay Villa Vita: $799,000
Villa Emerald: $952,000
Indigo Bay Villa Diamond: $992,000
Villa Ruby: $852,000
Indigo Bay Villa Sand: $779,000
Villa Sea: $760,000
Villa Sun: $879,000
Indigo Bay Lot: $279,000
Villa Surf: $779,000
Indigo Bay Villa: $639,000
Houses for rent in Indigo Bay

New Indigo Bay Villa: $3,300 per month
Villa Amaya: $525 per night
Supermarkets in Indigo Bay

Carrefour Market
It is by far the biggest supermarket chain in all of Sint Maarten. The market has a wide variety of products. It is very diverse, and it has products from Europe, Asia, Middle East, and America. You can get dairy products, bakery, and even baby care products.
What are people saying about Indigo Bay?
All in all, Indigo Bay is one of the best places to visit in Sint Maarten. You can do many things in Indigo Bay. Thus, there is a lot to explore. Furthermore, it has the best beaches and the best restaurants. If you want to invest in the properties in Indigo Bay, it will be a wise thing to do. A lot of the areas are developed, and a few are developing, but nonetheless, the land value always appreciates. So, Indigo Bay is a must-visit if you want to have an excellent time in Sint Maarten!

Are you looking for a property surrounded by nature? Then your option should be Indigo Bay at St. Maarten. St. Maarten is an island with 37 beaches, where Indigo Bay is one among them. It is an island of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Indigo Bay is on the north coast of the island. This is one of the popular beaches for tourists who liked to enjoy an isolated and remote place.

A small and pretty cove with excellent underwater sight. Just sit and relax on the beach sand. Indigo Bay or Cay Bay at St. Maarten is a private beach which is the perfect place to sit and relax. The sand’s in Indigo Bay beach is perfect for lovely walking around the horse-shoe shaped. Find real estate properties in Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten, where you can find the best villas at Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten.

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