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St Maarten (SXM) Property Auctions

Houses At Auction In St Maarten Now

If you’re planning on purchasing a house in St Maarten, I am sure you considered going to a St Maarten (SXM) auction. As a buyer, you have to consider all the channels including other St Maarten real estate listings or consulting with trusted St Maarten realtors. Auctions in St Maarten are a good way to expand your property search that could even help you snatch up a good deal if give it your due diligence. Here, we’ll be covering what goes on at a St Maarten auction, the St Maarten legal processes involved, as well as the pros and cons you may want to be aware of; specific to St Maarten real estate.

Did you know that you can get an Auction Risk Assessment Report before you buy a St Maarten auction property?
Contact Ritika our Head Broker on +1721 526-1819.
In most cases, a verbal yes/no is free of charge.
However, an in-depth study including market comparables is also available. See the Case Study below for details.

Latest Notary Auctions in St Maarten:

There are only three Notaries in St Maarten who are able to hold a auction and here are all the links to their SXM auction pages:

St Maarten Notary Auction

St Maarten Auctions

Why Buy A St Maarten House On Auction

Only to get a good deal!

Remember that every property in St Maarten has been through storm damage. If the damage was neglected, the cost to repair is going to be significant when you buy a St Maarten auction property.
Usually, a property ends up in auction as last resort.
Most owners would have already approached St Maarten realtors like us before it ever reaches the auction stage.

There is no other reason you should ever buy a property in St Maarten auction unless the price is phenomenally good. In fact, The price has to be at least 50% less than the market value for you to consider. Otherwise, we would NOT RECOMMEND a St Maarten auction property.

Case Study of St Maarten Auction

St Maarten Auction Property

  • For client confidentiality, the names are changed.
  • Danny came to us for investments. Anything really as long as there is a return.
  • Danny is a real estate investor in St Maarten with various business interests.
  • When Century21 was informed by the Notary auction that a beachfront condo is available for half the price; we urgently prepared a report for Danny.
  • Being experts in beachfront condos, Danny couldn’t say no when he saw our awesome report!!
  • The Century21 Auction Risk Assessment Report (C21ARAR) provided Danny with property rental incomes, recent nearby condo sales, re-sale values, running costs, surprise costs like condo assessments, and pictures of a similar condo in the building.
  • Danny would not have considered the beachfront condo without this report.
  • Remember Danny is only allowed to view the beachfront condo from the outside; which means Danny can only see the front door of this condo!!!
  • During the St Maarten auction, Danny got lucky. He was the only buyer and he won the Dutch auction easily!! Century21 was there to explain and support him during the entire auction process.
  • Auctions are easier with a little support!
  • Danny bought the property for half the price and was elated!!
  • Due to some delays in transferring the funds, Danny got the keys 30 days after the auction date. Usually, this is much sooner.
  • Unfortunately there was a major plumbing fault and the pipes had damaged tiles and structure.
  • Danny was ok with this because he had set aside 10% of the emergency fund in case of such eventualities. Smart because for anyone else this could have been a disaster.
  • Also, the ocean views were obstructed hence selling this condo will be difficult.
  • The condo actually cost $35,000 to repair (much more than the 10% Danny set aside!) because not only was the plumbing a problem but the kitchen had to be replaced due to neglect and bathrooms had to be re-tiled.
  • Danny still rents the condo on long-term and achieves 15% RETURN ON INVESTMENT on this St Maarten Auction property.
  • Can you believe that!
  • Danny also knows that when he puts the property on the market with Century21 once seven years have passed, we will sell it at approximately 80% more than the price he paid.
  • Full disclosure: The condo was bought for approximately $250,000. Rented for $2800 per month at 80% occupancy. The Auction Risk Assessment Report conducted by Century21 indicated a resale value of $425,000 (pre-pandemic valuation). During the pandemic, the condo sold for $375,000.
  • Win-Win!

St Maarten Auction Terms

  • Auction – The public sale of foreclosed registered properties officiated by a civil law notary, instructed by a judgment creditor or mortgagee and governed by applicable laws of the Code of Civil Procedure as well as the Civil Code.
  • Registered property – this is the real estate being offered up for auction, or a restricted right to a registered property for auction, the rights to which may be transferred independently.
  • Seller – the authorized party to provide instructions for the auction.
  • Bid – a bid amount that raises or decreases the bid, offered by the interested party at auction.
  • Bidders – the people offering bids at an auction.
  • Opening bid – his is the first bid to be placed after the start of the auction.
  • Reserve price – the minimum price of the registered property for which it is auctioned for.
  • Adjudication – the seller’s statement on the account and as an outcome of the auction.
  • Act of Command – a notarial deed in which the bidder indicates his mandatory principles.
  • Buyer – the party to which the adjudication is directed at.
  • Transfer – the legal action required to make the buyer become the party entitled to or the owner of the registered party.
  • Delivery – the act of surrendering ownership of the registered property to the buyer.
  • Special auction conditions – these are valid conditions added to or that deviate from general conditions contained in the record of the auction or deed of auction conditions; also includes information specific to the registered property.
  • Record of award – compiled notarial deeds that may contain any of the following: records of the auction, deed of special conditions, deed of adjudication, and act of command
  • Notarial statement of payment – a notarial deed certified by the civil law notary that serves as proof of receipt of the purchase price, that the seller permits discharge of the purchase price
  • Lender conformation auction – a type of auction In which the lender has the option to not accept a bid even if it’s the highest
  • Absolute auction – an auction in which the highest bidder gets the property

St Maarten Auction Procedure

Things To Do Before A St Maarten Auction

Prior to attending a property SXM auction, it is critical to get a chance to eyeball the property first, just like with conventional real property sales. However, it’s rare to get a chance at inspecting an auctioned property to a level normally offered by real estate agents. If an opportunity does come up, grab it – and if possible go with real estate professionals such as appraisers, real estate agents, or contractors who can provide an accurate assessment of the property.

Properties at SXM auctions are sold as-is, and keep in mind that the property owner was unable to pay the property taxes or mortgage payments; thus it won’t come as surprise if the owner failed to put in repair works or even regular maintenance. Some property owners may have neglected the house on purpose or damaged it knowing they’ll lose it soon. Moreover, properties become vandalized or get squatted on. So, always think that if a property’s exterior doesn’t look good, it’s likely the same applies to its interior.

So, how do you not end up with the short end of the stick? First off, don’t even think about visiting the property to get a “quick peek” by going over fences or climbing windows – those are illegal.

The best course of action is to be ready to have additional money for extensive repairs if you can’t arrange for a home inspection.

It’s always best to do a bit of research prior to the actual action. Get in touch with a title search company that should let you find out if there are any existing liens or perhaps a second mortgage that you might end up being responsible for if you don’t dig deeper. In addition, make sure the property has a clean title by checking with the auction company.

There are situations where the former owner or perhaps a squatter refuses to leave the property will need to be evicted from the property – a costly, expensive, and totally unpleasant experience. Experts advise to just offer up cash to get it done and over with than endure the arduous eviction process.

If you happen to win the auction, secure a Title Insurance while in escrow or right after closing to help ensure you don’t end up with any property liens that don’t turn up during the property search.

What to remember at an auction

  • You must secure a guarantee or an approved financial agreement from your bank or get in touch with a notary office
  • Items up for bidding will be auctioned in two rounds
  • The first round (also called the English auction) starts with the reserved price or the minimum bid, with the notary asking for higher bids from the participants until no one bids higher
  • At this point, the highest bidder has not yet purchased the item unless no one bids higher in the second round
  • The second round (or the Dutch round) follows right after the first with the notary sets off the bidding with an amount significantly higher than the last bid from the previous round
  • The notary will now go lower and lower until a bidder says “Mine!”, and the bidder who does, has bought the item
  • An item is “unsold” if it does not get a bid in the first round
  • The highest bidder from the first round may say “Mine!” anytime during the second round just to ensure he/she gets the item
  • Saying “Mine!” is legally binding especially if you win the bid
  • At lender confirmation auctions, If the highest bidder gets the property, it is an absolute auction

How residential properties end up getting auctioned in St Maarten

In most cases, residential homes wind up getting auctioned because of two reasons:

Home foreclosures

In a situation where a homeowner fails to make mortgage payments within a specific period, he may go into default and result in foreclosure. If no payment is made or no renegotiation is made, the lender is allowed to put the property up for auction and make the debtor vacate the property due to non-payment. Such foreclosure action is conducted by trustees brought in by the bank.

Additional Costs To Buy A Auction Property

You are subject to the same costs as buying any other St Maarten property, sometimes more. As the buyer you will be responsible for the following:

  • Transfer tax
  • Fees the buyer’s account in line with auction rates
  • Fee for the Act of Adjudication, Command, and Discharge
  • Expenses incurred in preparation of the auction, marshal, advertising, auctioneer’s fees, appraisal, and all other costs of the auction
  • Cost of the cancellation of mortgage registration and attachments
  • Vacating expenses, disbursements, and revenue stamps
  • Unpaid property charges and fees (if applicable).
  • Expenses for special auction conditions
  • Auction Risk Assessment Report
  • St Maarten Auctions

    It also helps to know what fees the seller will shoulder:

    • Seller account fee based on auction rates
    • Opening bid premium, if applicable
    • Expenses incurred, if applicable, in preparing and organizing the auction if not already set
    • Expenses incurred for special auction conditions

Welcome to St Maarten: Travel Requirements Due to Covid-19 In 2021

St Maarten Covid Restrictions 2021

Covid19 Entry in to St Maarten (SXM)

St Maarten is doing everything to make it easier for you to come back while keeping the island as safe as possible for those who are already enjoying the sun!

Official Government Of Sint Maarten Covid-19 page.

Mandatory Covid Insurance St Maarten

Update: March 11th 2021
From 19th January 2021, Covid insurance is required for all foreign nationals with the exception of visitors who arrive and leave the same day, crew members and transit/transfer passengers who don’t need to recheck their luggage. This is so that you receive the best care possible while on your vacation.

The St Maarten Visitors Protection Plan is sold via the mandatory health form on stmaartenentry.com.

Cost of Insurance

Ages 15 – 75

Effective 10 January 2021, a flat premium of $30 is charged for stays not exceeding 180 days.
The premium is non-refundable, unless you’ve made a duplicate purchase or if you cancelled your trip to St Maarten.
The premium must be paid every time you re-enter St Maarten.

Ages 0 -14:


Ages 76+:


St Maarten Entry Requirements

Ministers of TEATT Ludmila de Weever and VSA Richard Panneflek have updated the entry requirements to include antigen testing with effective date of November 25th 2020. Travellers to St. Maarten are required to complete a mandatory health authorization application via the Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS) available on www.stmaartenentry.com and upload their negative RT-PCR test within 5 days or their negative antigen test result within 48 hours.

All passengers are required to fill out the Electronic Health Authorization System Form

Not all passengers are required to have Covid-19 Negative Test documentation for entry. You only require this if you are from a high-risk country.
Travellers coming from low-risk countries are not required to take a COVID-19 test as long as they have not been in any of the high-risk countries in the last 14 days prior to their travel to St. Maarten. Children under 10 years of age are exempted from the mandatory COVID-19 test.

In case St Maarten isn’t right for you at this time; use this World Map with real-time updates to find alternative destinations that are less restrictive based on travel conditions for each country.
World Interactive Travel Restrictions Map

I look forward to meeting you for a beer in St Maarten!
Call me to give us your story to be featured on our website.
Please help share your experience; good or bad.
Ritika: +1721 526 1819

Residents of which country are permitted to enter or travel to St Maarten?

Check this link for most recent updates on Country Specific Risk Classification.

Are all visitors required to fill out the Electronic Health Authorization System Form?

Yes, all passengers are required to fill out the Electronic Health Authorization System Form.

What type of Covid19 test is the right one?

  1. A rt-PCR test for the SARS-COV-2 virus obtained from a naso-pharyngeal swab performed in the country of origin and within 72 hours prior to departure to Sint Maarten (last leg in case of connecting flights) is required for all travelers originating from a country that is categorized as high risk. Antibody tests and tests performed outside of the 72 hours period will not be accepted. Results from home covid-19 collection test kits will also not be accepted. Airlines might require you to show a negative lab test result. For travelers from the USA, US territories and Canada the time frame remains 120 hrs. prior to departure. This will remain in effect as long as the national health authorities of the USA and Canada do not require differently for their traveling citizens.
  2. Alternatively, travelers originating from the USA and Canada can do an antigen test for the SARS-COV-2 virus obtained from a naso-pharyngeal swab performed within 48 hours prior to departure to Sint Maarten. All FDA approved antigen tests including those with Emergency Use Authorization only (EUA) are accepted. Tests performed outside of the 48 hours period and home tests will not be accepted.
  3. Travelers residing in and/or traveling from a low-risk country are exempted from the mandatory rt-PCR or antigen test.
  4. Travelers who reside in a low-risk country but have visited a high-risk country in the 14 days prior to departing to Sint Maarten, must also have a rt-PCR or antigen test for the SARS-COV-2 virus performed in the country of origin within 72 respectively 48 hours prior to departure to Sint Maarten (last leg in case of connecting flights).
  5. The original test result to be uploaded as part of EHAS application procedure must clearly specify the name of the laboratory or clinic, full name of test subject, type of test administered, name of antigen test, swab date, source of the swab, result date and a negative result. Incomplete results, hand written or e-mail statements from doctors will not be accepted.
  6. Children of age 10 and under are exempted from the mandatory rt-PCR or antigen test. As of the day after the 10th birthday, a rt-PCR or antigen test has to be submitted.
  7. Airline and private flight crews with stopovers in St. Maarten or St. Martin must demonstrate a valid negative rt-PCR or antigen test upon arrival. Crew members not in possession of a valid negative rt-PCR or antigen test must self-quarantine until their departure flight.

How to find a lab to test near you

We have heard that this information is difficult to find so we have researched the wonderful internet to find this as the best resource to find a testing lab near you.
Make sure the lab administers rt-PCR tests and Rapid Antigen tests obtained from a naso-pharyngeal swab.

Please check: Test For Travel.

Is St. Maarten open to marine vessels, boats, yachts?

St. Maarten is now open to yachts, cruisers and private vessels. A local registered agent is required for all vessels. Please contact a local agent for more information on the protocol and to arrange your arrival. For more information, you can go to the official website of The St. Maarten Marine Trade Association. If you are arriving from outside of one of the Approved countries listed then a 14 day quarantine may be required as well as a COVID-19 PCR test taken and result received within 120 hours prior to departure.

What restrictions are there in moving around between French side and the Dutch side?

You are able to stay, travel, move around, drive and dine on the French side or Dutch side. There are new business opening restrictions on the French side.

What should I do if i suspect I have COVID-19 while on-island?

If you are feeling unwell and suspect that you may have COVID-19, please contact your Front Desk or one of the COVID-19 task force members of your property you are staying at, or dial the hotline 914. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the property’s guidelines before or upon arrival.

What is the real estate market like with Covid-19

After a slow start, the real estate market in St Maarten is back! There are a lot of properties for sale and the market is turning around slowly, but there is significant activity and interest. I have had my best year since 2017!

The vacation rental market has been severely affected, however, it has created an environment which will lead to significant improvements in this area. Century21 is leading the pack with plenty of free upgrades when booked via us.

St Maarten Real Estate Is Booming

Throughout the pandemic, we at Century21 in St Maarten are thankful that we have had some of our best months in recent times. Its been adventurous and we have met some amazing people along the way. We look forward to working with you soon. We just love the business. So give us a challenge, difficult times like these really bring us into our element and we have stood out from the rest.
May be celebrate our good times together.

One of the most exciting projects was Oryx Residences and the accomplishment of 80% under contract within 4 months. Working with our friends at Oryx Residences has been a highlight. Its the one of the largest residential projects in Cay Hill, developed by the APS / Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten. A glorious St Maarten home, new low-cost residential properties in Cay Hill, these homes provided an opportunity for St Maarteners to become proud owners or renters of robust family homes at competitive prices ($145,000 – $245,000). It would not be an exaggeration to state that the majority of units went under contract within the first 2 months. In fact, within the first four months, Century21 St Maarten, in collaboration with the APS team, managed to sell 80% of the units amid the pandemic. The St Maarten homes, which include 1-,2- and 3-bedroom units, are guarded by security 24/7, and each home has been designed to remain resistant to hurricanes. Essentially, Century21 St Maarten holds an undisputed reputation of offering homes at the best locations, with unparalleled security and a sense of living in a tight-knit community. The projects are undertaken to keep every potential homebuyer in mind- children, adults, and the elderly.

Oryx Residences, Cay Hill

At the heart of Cay Hill, the new sixty-two concrete homes are being eyed by many. Despite the absence of a bustling economy, courtesy of COVID-19, no stones were left unturned to make this project a success. For instance, buyers of townhomes are permitted to established additional floors based on their needs. Some of the enticing provisions offered include ceramic tiles, Corian kitchen countertops, aluminium hand railings adjacent to the stairs, aluminium windows, a large concrete gazebo, a play area for children, concrete pavement, private parking, and so much more. Buyers have been raving about the units and the features offered, with their glaring reviews up on our website to see. Both the townhouses and the apartments are being offered for a price that is less than $250,000!

Oryx Residences

St Maarten’s Rising Popularity

While the onset of the coronavirus pandemic initially seemed like the end of the world, it definitely did not seem to affect St Maarten’s popularity among tourists. In fact, just in 2019 a year marked by the pandemic’s entry the region witnessed an 80% increase in visitors. This rise is attributed to the increase in flight frequencies from major gateway cities coupled with the introduction of new airport gateways. The same year, Jet Blue introduced its new flight service between Fort Lauderdale and St Maarten, Sunwing’s winter flight service out of Montreal and Toronto was revived, while KLM returned with its direct 3 times weekly flight. All in all, these few changes were enough to attract visitors from across the globe, who remained undeterred despite the coronavirus pandemic after the lifting of travel restrictions in different countries. With the tourism industry ablaze, all eyes are on St Maarten for attractive and lucrative investment opportunities.

Real Estate Boom in St Maarten

Another positive indicator that can be quite comforting to all the stakeholders of St Maarten and Century21 alike is the booming real estate in the region. In fact, we are proud to become a future home to a US $220 million luxury hotel resort and condos, which is a project by Tau Capital and Altree Developments Inc real estate development firms in collaboration with Cay Bay Development (CBD) NV, the master developer at Indigo Bay. This hotel would include five-star amenities as well as 94 hotel rooms and suites, 55 lanai suites, 60 two-bedroom units, 15 three-bedroom units, a large luxury spa (10,000 square feet), a conference facility, and so much more. Not just that, Harmony Promotion and Marriott International, in tandem with several investors, have recently announced their plans to develop a five-star hotel in Baie Nettle, which will be scheduled to open in 2023. With top-class facilities, these two projects throw light upon St Maarten’s bright future, regardless of the state of the pandemic.

Indigo Bay Hotel

Who Are We?

Century 21 St Maarten is a full service St Maarten real estate residential and commercial brokerage company representing sellers, buyers, renters, landlords, and developers of luxury properties. When buyers and sellers think about real estate in St Maarten, their thoughts pace towards our projects. Specialists in Terres Basses villas for sale and St Martin villas for rent. Our Indigo Bay villas are a favorite among sellers looking for serene homes with views that are only dreamt of by many. At Indigo Bay, our luxury villas are up for grabs, albeit they too are selling at a very quick pace. Not just that, our properties stand out wherever we set our foot; Cupecoy, Dawn Beach, Simpson Bay Beach, Oyster Pond, Maho, and so many more beautiful places.

2021 St Maarten Heineken Regatta – Cancelled

2021 St Maarten Heineken Regatta – 26th Jan 2021 Update – EVENT CANCELLED

The St Maarten Heineken Regatta will celebrate its 41st edition in 2021 from March 4 – 7, 2021 It is the largest regatta in the Caribbean and probably the largest warm water regatta worldwide.

Cancellation announcement of St Maarten Heineken Regatta SXM 2021 in the news.

This world-renowned cruising occasion provides 4 days of World Class Racing and splendidly amusing nights keeping with the occasion’s motto of ” Major Enjoyable”! With an effect on the sporting neighborhood extending beyond the Caribbean into Europe, the United States, and beyond.
Our 4-day occasion attracts well over 20,000 visitors each year, from young professionals to business owners, from party-goers to international sailors, aging from 18 to 55+ originating from over 37 different nations.

After an amazing day of sailing, the individuals are able to enjoy great regional food and delight in an ice-cold Heineken in the Regatta Village, while listening to regional, regional and worldwide artists! This is an occasion where business satisfies enjoyment in the very best possible method, in a extremely inspiring and energetic environment.

Come and delight in life in the Caribbean, come for some Serious Fun from March 4-7, 2021!

St Maarten Regatta 2021

41 years strong and it just keeps getting better. 4 days of world-class racing with some of the world’s most experienced sailors, from more than 35 countries, sailing Maxis, Monohulls and Performance Multihulls to holiday-makers on chartered Bareboats and live-aboard families travelling the Caribbean. Crystal clear waters and cooling northeast trade winds provide the beautiful conditions for spectacular racing simply off the coast of St. Maarten. And with Heineken as title sponsor, the racing days mix effortlessly into incredibly entertaining nights. This occasion is your bucket list must-do!

Where to see the Regatta from

Usually speaking most of the racing fleet come back to Simpson Bay lagoon every afternoon & dock at Palapa, Port de Plaisance or Simpson Bay Marinas. The St Maarten Luxury Yacht Club, throughout early morning & afternoon bridge openings, is a terrific area for seeing the fleet coming & going. For viewing the racing http://www.heinekenregatta.com/Regatta/RegattaSchedule.aspx is a general description of where the races are every day & the actual Courses are here: http://www.heinekenregatta.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=TFN4fkMreW4%3d&tabid=144 If you ‘d like to go out on the water there are numerous viewer boat choices used day by day charter catarmarans. For land based watching, Sand Bar or Sunset Beach Bar at Carvanserai will be a terrific area.

Heineken Regatta Schedule 2021


The schedule for the 2021 occasion is currently being settled, for now please take a look at the tentative occasion schedule based upon the 40th St Maarten Heineken Regatta. Please bear in mind that the products go through change. Inspect back later on for updates concerning the 2021 schedule.

Regatta Registration

Date: March 2– March 3, 2021.
Tuesday March 2, 2021: 10AM– 6PM
Wednesday March 3, 2021: 10AM– 6PM
Area: In the Regatta Village @ Port de Plaisance.

Race Day 1

Date: Thursday March 4, 2021: 10AM
Racing day 1: 6PM
Location: Daily Prize Providing at the Regatta Village

Around the Island Race

Friday March 5, 2021: 10AM
Racing day 2: 6PM
Daily Reward Giving at the Regatta Town

Race Day 3

Saturday March 6, 2021: 10AM
Racing day 3: 6PM
Daily Reward Offering at the Regatta Town

Racing day 4

Sunday March 7, 2021: 10AM
Racing day 4: 6PM
Grande Prize giving

Serious Fun Bridge Program

March 4– March 7, 2021: TBA
Location: Simpson Bay Bridge

Bridge Opening Times

Simpson Bay Bridge – Routine Opening times
08:30 hrs
10:30 hrs
16:00 hrs
09:30 hrs
11:30 hrs
15:00 hrs
17:00 hrs

Causeway Bridge – Opening times
In & Outbound:
08:15 hrs
10:00 hrs
15:30 hrs

Heineken Regatta History

In 1980, the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta began as the St. Maarten Regatta with a modest 12 sail boats participating. 3 years later, in 1983, Heineken ended up being a significant sponsor of the St. Maarten Regatta and ‘Heineken’ was added to the name of the event. Heineken took part with a cost of 3,750 guilders ( around $ 2,100). As a bonus, the rivals got ice cold Heineken beers from a passing powerboat while they were racing.

After the involvement of Heineken, the occasion grew fast. With the addition of a third day in 1990, the event grew to 187 boats in 1995 and 251 boats in 1999. Another racing day, the Commodore’s Cup, was included 2005. The record amount of boats taking part in the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta was in 2008 with 284 boats.

Boating the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, powered by the cooling northeast trade winds and run by an experienced, innovative and friendly race team, the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is four days of world-class racing in idyllic conditions attracting a broad series of tastes. Our race committees provide custom-tailored racing for the countless sailors from more than 35 nations that concern race: from Olympic medalists and World Champions cruising Maxis and Performance Multihulls to holiday-makers on chartered Bareboats and live-aboard families travelling the Caribbean.


With Heineken as a long-standing sponsor, you would anticipate the parties to be exceptional … you won’t be disappointed! St. Maarten Heineken Regatta has a well-earned track record for hosting remarkable artists like the Black Eyed Peas, UB40 featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey, Akon, Wyclef Jean, Shaggy, The Commodores, Red Foo and the Party Rock Crew, The Jacksons and Flo Rida for the celebrations so that exhausted but happy sailors can party with an ice-cold Heineken in their hand and the sand in between their toes as they view the sun dip listed below the horizon. After an amazing day of cruising, the individuals are able to enjoy excellent local food and delight in an cold Heineken in the Regatta Village, while listening to regional, local and global artists! This is an event where organization satisfies satisfaction in the very best possible way, in a extremely inspiring and energetic environment.

St Maarten Regatta 2021

Heineken Regatta, For Everyone

The Regatta has a lot to offer which too, with benefit. The island stays awake 24/7, When I went to the occasion, it felt like the island never ever slept. From night clubs to hundreds of well-known dining establishments. The island has whatever, you can choose to consume from various cuisines, you could go on the beach for a walk or a live BBQ, you can take a peaceful retreat, there are lots of water sports you could do, jet sky, boast trips, zip-lining (the greatest zip line of the Caribbean is located here), diving, hiking, cruising and kiting. Additionally, there are lots of shopping locations around with the very best of offer and for every single taste and trends, every square mile is tax-free and responsibility totally free, isn’t that great? This list could go on permanently, to be honest, so we’ll move on for now.

The island has everything to use and with fantastic convenience, you can remain at high-end Resorts like the Sonesta Maho Beach Resorts, Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, Blair Beach Resort, Atrium Beach resort and Medical spa, Horizon view beach resort, and many more. If you’re not a Resort person, you lease a villa on your own and your loved one! There are several Marinas around the Island, like the Luxury Yacht Club Port de Plaisance, Marina For Louis, and others. The island even has an exceptional taxi service called Dutch St Maarten Taxi Association, which assists you reach anywhere and on time. This location felt like paradise and is the very best get-away from the worldly crises today.

Where to Stay For Heineken Regatta 2021

Beach Rentals
Villa Rentals

Marina’s In St Maarten

Yacht Club Port de Plaisance

NEW Sky Port in Simpson Bay

Marina Fort Louis (Marigot)

Simpson Bay Marina.

Porto Cupecoy Marina

Lagoon Marina

Bobby’s Marina

Isle De Sol

Island Water World Marina

Palapa Marina
Phone: +1 721 545-2735

Boat Charter in St Maarten

No boat, no problem. Participants of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta have numerous alternatives with regards to entering in the event. If you don’t own a boat yourself you can go through our charter listing and pick from a variety of options.

St Maarten Regatta Boat Racing 2021

Charter a bareboat for 2021 St Maarten Regatta

Regatta sponsor Sunsail offer enjoyable and incredible bareboat charters offering comfy lodgings and still permit strong race competitors in among the popular bareboat classes. Schedule your charter straight with Sunsail or pick among lots of trip operators, like KRAS, and have your travel, lodgings, boat rental and other services managed at one time.

St Maarten Regatta 2021 Boats for charter

Personal boats are also available for charters. Racing boats, luxury boats, cruisers, catamarans and many other alternatives are available. You can charter the entire boat with family and friends or you can reserve an individual spot and take pleasure in racing with brand-new good friends.


This section is provided specifically as an simple recommendation for our St. Maarten Heineken Regatta individuals with regards to the effect of Covid-19 on entry requirements into Sint Maarten. Here you will find present testing requirements, procedures and info about how the Regatta will be modified in order to deliver an excellent week of competitive racing safely for all included. This page will be upgraded routinely as conditions alter and supply links out to official advisories to ensure you can easily discover the information you require to make your plans to race with us March 4 to 7, 2021!

Travel corridors/bubbles

Currently there are no recognized travel contracts in location in between St. Maarten and other islands. The St Marine Trades Association launched the following statement on October 15, 2020:.

We are very delighted to reveal that the St. Maarten Government has actually authorized the new Protocol for Yachts for the 2020-2021 season. Of course, this goes through alter based on the altering situation. The guidelines in affect are as follows:.

All individuals getting here by airplane needs to have a negative rt-PCR test taken within 120 hours of last leg of trip. A kind should be completed per passenger. That type can be discovered here https://stmaartenehas.com/application-form/ This uses to all arrivals excepting those people flying from a low-risk location: those locations can be found here https://stmaartenehas.com/travel-requirements/.
For Vessel arrivals, the following uses:.

If vessel is showing up from a low-risk country (found here), no test is needed.
If vessel is arriving from a moderate or high-risk country (found here) An rt-PCR test is needed 120 hours prior to departure from last port ( need to be instant last departure point). Such rt-PCR test results, along with all other entryway files, need to be provided to a Private yacht agent (please see list attached here) in advance of arrival. No other electronic forms are required for Vessel arrival.
If testing was not possible prior to departure from last port, Vessel can enter St. Maarten under quarantine, with testing to be done within 24 hours of arrival. The appointed yacht representative can coordinate testing upon demand. Vessel should stay under quarantine until negative outcomes received.


Vessel is able to come to St. Maarten WITHOUT testing for maximum 48 hours in transit (fueling, provisioning, etc., possible). All on board should remain in quarantine on board under this choice.


Even if visitors are originating from an island that is thought about moderate or high danger, they will be able to leave by private plane out of the FBO without an rt-PCR test. This is something that we will require to arrange in advance, and all needed safety precautions must be followed (mask wearing at all times, etc).

For complete updates on entry requirements by boat or plane please check out the government’s site.

Taking the current situation into factor to consider, the onshore entertainment is under review and will be structured to fit the progressing standards set by Government. Again details becomes available, we will have the ability to advise what onshore entertainment can be provided.

Social distancing and proper sanitization will be carried out. Group contact will be discouraged at registration, the committee desk and other official procedures. Feel confident, all of us anticipate some ” Major Enjoyable!” while we #SocializeResponsibly.

We understand the value of implementing quality steps to guarantee the security of individuals and visitors. We are readily available to answer any of your concerns or concerns, please email us at info@c21sxm.com.

Volunteer For St Maarten Regatta

The St Maarten Heineken Regatta is arranged by the Sint Maarten Yacht Club Regatta Foundation in cooperation with Heineken as Title Sponsor. With such a big occasion, there are many individuals included.

On this page, we wish to reveal you who is involved and provide you the opportunity to be associated with the event yourself by registering as volunteer.

St Maarten Regatta Parties

St Maarten Population and Demographics

Population of St Maarten

Based upon data available from 2015.
New information will be updated soon.

The land of happy people!

In 2005 approximately 35,000 St Maarten individuals were thought about as long-term residents of St. Maarten (and around 30,000 in St Martin). St. Maarten is without a doubt the most densely populated of all the Dutch Caribbean Islands with just over 1000 people per km2 on the Dutch side.

On average, approximately 1000 people more move to the island as relocation away, this adds to the development figures for the resident population (see Figure 5 ). 2003 saw a significant rise in the numbers of people relocating to and from St. Maarten, and for the first time there was a bottom line of individuals (around 250 more left the island than moved to the island).

There has actually been a significant shift in the structure of the population of St. Maarten for many years from 1995 to 2004. There is an increasing loss of young, financially active residents from the age of 15 years to 20 years, who leave to educate or work abroad.

The resident population are far surpassed by visitors to the island. There are 3 main tourist groups that go to St. Maarten; stay over travelers, cruise boat travelers and yacht tourists.

Stay over visitors alone increase the population of St. Maarten by 7 times over the year, although tourists do not typically stay for more than 2 weeks. The variety of stay over tourists is expected to increase by between 50% (low price quote, 354000 individuals) and 80% (high price quote, 432000 individuals) between 2005 and 2015. If the resident population continues to grow at its existing rate (16.5%) 2015 will see around 47500 individuals completely on Island.

The variety of cruise visitors is likewise anticipated to increase from 2005 to 2015 from simply under 1.4 million to nearly 2 million checking out the entire of the island. Marine base travelers such as Luxury yacht visitors are also likely to increase in number. These boosts in the short-term and irreversible populations on St. Maarten will position increasing pressure on the islands environment and facilities.

The majority of the population are Protestant, though there are Catholic and Jewish minorities.

St Maarten Happy People

Beautiful St Maarteners

St Maarten’s Deep History


There is a possibility that the South American Stone Age people, referred to as the Ciboneys, resided on St. Maarten 4000 BC. The island was covered with overgrown lush vegetation and had lots of unique birds, crocodiles and big rodents.

Pre-History 4000 BC-1490 AD

Upon arrival of the very first people in the Caribbean, the islands were covered with tropical greens and numerous ranges of bats, birds, sea mammals, iguanas, giant land tortoises and big rodents roamed freely without human contact. There are only a few historical sites that actually prove inhabitation in the Caribbean Islands by “Lithic Age” peoples prior to 4000 BC.

Oldest Earliest Photo Of St Maarten

From about 4000 BC to about 500 BC, peoples of the “Archaic Age” level of technological development migrated onto the islands from South-/ Central- and The United States And Canada. These Archaic Age St Maarten inhabitants were semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer-fishing folk, utilizing basic stone and shell and most likely wooden tools, who did not know agriculture nor the manufacture of ceramic vessels. Neither the ethnic associations nor the language of these peoples are known. On St. Martin, the Norman Estate location on the French side is the only site of this period found, and it dates to about 2000 BC.

Beginning around 500 BC, people began to move from South America into the Caribbean region, introducing the “Ceramic Age”. These were much more industrialized societies than the Archaic peoples. They farmed cassava and other crops, used large sea-faring canoes, showing understanding of ceramics, and producing stone and shell tools. These preliminary Ceramic Age neighborhoods likewise had complex social, financial and religious systems.

On St. Martin / St. Maarten, the earliest Ceramic Age artefacts are the remains of these very first migrations from about 500 BC, often referred to as ‘Saladoid‘ individuals. The name that was provided to these people is derived from the location where archaeologists first recognized them, the Saladero site in the Orinoco basin in Venezuela.

According to archaeologists, it is skeptical whether there was ever a large-scale prehistoric Carib exodus into the Northern Lesser Antilles. There is also no evidence, that when the very first Europeans travelled by St. Martin/St. Maarten in the 1490’s, Amerindians were still surviving on the island.

The 1490’s to 1650’s

During his 1492 to 1494 voyage, Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the Caribbean islands; potentially sighting St. Maarten on November 11, 1493. The island was called after St. Martin, the bishop of Trips. Some evidence indicates that the island Columbus saw was Nevis, with later confusion causing the identifying of St Martin. Throughout the fifteenth century, other Caribbean islands were inhabited by numerous European nations like the Spanish, English and French, whilst St. Maarten was ruled out to be of any significance.

In 1624 the first Dutchman set foot on the island and found it uninhabited. Over the following years the Dutch explored the island in higher depth. They observed the salt ponds, which were of fantastic significance given that salt was utilized for the preservation of food. In 1631 a little group of Dutchmen declared the island for the ‘West-Indische Companie’ (West India Company). Concurrently, a group of Frenchman settled in the location now referred to as the French Quarter.

In 1632 the Dutch developed Fort Amsterdam and continued their colonization, the harvesting of salt being among the primary factors for the settlement. Anguilla was likewise inhabited and a small fort was Constructed there. In 1633, the Spanish recaptured both islands and used the materials of the Anguillan fort to enhance Fort Amsterdam. They likewise developed a 2nd fort on Pointe Blanche, now known as ‘the Old Spanish Fort’. Under the command of Peter Stuyvesant, director of the West India Business, the Dutch attempted to recapture St. Maarten in 1644 with some 800 soldiers. In spite of various attacks and an effort to starve the Spaniards, the Dutch might not force the Spanish to
surrender. The Spanish did not leave St. Maarten until 1648.

The Dutch and French right away moved back to the island and on March 23, 1648, the famous partition arrangement was signed on Mont des Accords (Concordia). The colonists presented numerous business crops, such as tobacco, indigo, coffee, cotton and sugarcane. Trade began to expand, the island succeeded.

The 1650’s To 1850’s

The island altered hands regularly in between France, England and Holland. Pirates and looters caused much damage, and farming and salt production were not as successful as before. The variety of people on the island changed greatly. In 1667 John Simpson was leader of the
Dutch Part; Simpson Bay might be named after him.

Through the early 1700’s, the British occasionally drove out the French, however the Dutch remained in control. The Dutch Guv John Philips, brought order after the chaotic preceding years. He restored the production of salt and convinced the landowners to plant more coffee, sugarcane and cotton for a greater economic yield. He made land readily available to investors. The English came in large numbers, bringing their English-speaking slaves with them. With the English impact, the Dutch language and culture faded into the background. Fort Amsterdam was reinforced and the main village moved from Cul-de-Sac to its present area and called Philipsburg in honour of the Govenor.

The second half of the eighteenth century brought prosperity, with a peak around 1790, when the island had 92 estates with sugarcane as the primary agriculture crop. Time and again the English attempted to take control of, and by 1817 the island had actually altered hands 16 times. Because year the French and Dutch established lasting control.

In 1766 Fort St. Louis was built in Marigot. In 1772 mention was made of a serious hurricane, and in 1819 another significant hurricane ruined nearly everything on the island, including all historic records!

Simpson Bay village ended up being isolated from the rest of the island. The plantation market decreased due in part to the prohibition of the slave trade. Then from 1820 to 1848, a number of crucial buildings were built; the Reformed Church, the Pasanggrahan (Federal Government Lodging House) and the Methodist Church. There was a revival of the salt market from 1735 in which the whole population took part. In 1845 the colony of Curaçao was divided into the three Windward Islands (St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius) and the 3 Leeward Islands (Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire).

The abolition of slavery on French St. Martin took place in 1848. A variety of slaves on the Dutch side, moved to the French side where they got the status of complimentary foreigners. (One path, the ‘freedom course’ can still be found at the border, between the Dutch and the French Quarter.) To avoid discontent, Dutch plantation owners asked for that the Dutch Federal government eliminate slavery in
the Dutch nests. It was not till 1863 that slavery was officially eliminated. Ultimately, many estate owners left the island and ex-slaves had the ability to obtain property at or around the former estates.

The 1860’s To Now

Through the late 1800’s and early 1900’s market on St. Maarten declined; the production of sugar dropped in 1875, cotton in 1932 and salt in the 1940s. People went back to subsistence agriculture and fishing. Many guys, with or without family members, emigrated to Aruba and
Curaçao to operate in the oil refineries. Others left for seasonal work (sugarcane cutting) in the Dominican Republic or went to the United States.

In the Second World War, Holland was occupied by Germany and France took control over the island for 10 days. The French side was under Vichy control, and was blockaded by Allied forces. In 1943 the Juliana Airport was opened on the Dutch side.

In 1948 the frontier monument was erected, commemorating 300 years of tranquil coexistence. In 1951 the Netherlands Antilles signed the ‘statuut’ to end up being self-governing, and were restructured into Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire and the Windward Islands, each with its own territorial federal government.

The first major hotel (Little Bay) was built in 1955. In 1959 the very first regional radio station started transmitting. In 1960 a powerful hurricane (Donna) hit the island.

In the Lowlands and Terres Basses the first luxury vacation homes were constructed in the 60’s.

In 1966 Philipsburg was extended by filling out part of the neighboring Salt Pond. Varieties of travelers grew along with advancements in air transportation. The economy expanded rapidly. Many St. Maarteners returned home. Employment levels were high and the boom in tourist drew in individuals from other islands along with various parts of the world. The population grew rapidly, intensifying from around 7000 in 1970 to more than 30000 in 1995 on the Dutch side alone.

St Maarten today 2020



The multiculturalism of St. Maarten springs from its historic role as a crossroads for visitors to the New World. Dutch, French and British traders brought European traditions, while Afro-Caribbean people brought the language and culture of West Africa.

Today the variety of influences is shown in the number of languages spoken. Dutch is the main language, but English is taught in schools and spoken everywhere, while other typical languages are Spanish and Papiamento, the dialect of the Netherlands Antilles. St. Maarten’s premier cultural event is its annual Carnival, which includes parades, calypso competitions, reggae shows, and a limitless array of stands serving standard island food.

The island culture has its roots mostly in African, French and Dutch influences, though ratings of more current immigrants have added their own components to this multicultural society. The tourist boom of the past couple of decades has actually resulted in such an influx of job-seekers from in other places in the Caribbean that only about 20% of all citizens were born upon the island.

Education is obligatory, and around 99 percent of the children participate in school. The government spends about a 3rd of its budget on education, which is modelled on the Dutch system. Apart from local faculties, instructors are recruited from Holland and the Caribbean islands. There are technical and vocational schools, teacher’s colleges and two other more education facilities: the University of St. Maarten and the American University of the Caribbean.

St. Maarten has its own flag. The style shows red, white and blue panels and the island’s crest. This coat of arms portrays the national bird; the Brown Pelican, national flower: Orange Sage (Latana camara), the Court House and the border monument.

Inspired by the book “A Short History of Sint Maarten” (2004) available from the Sint Maarten Museum. Buy it to support this content.

St Maarten Location and Nature

St Maarten


St Maarten is positioned in the North Eastern Caribbean (18º N, 63º W) within the Lesser Antilles island group in addition to Saba and St Eustatius. It is one of the five islands that make up the Netherlands Antilles: St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba (Windward Islands) and Bonaire and Curaçao (Leeward Islands).

The Windward Islands become part of the Lesser Antillean Island Arc, which extends from Puerto Rico in the North to the shoreline of Venezuela in the South.

The Windward Islands lie within eye sight of each another, St. Maarten is 63 km from St. Eustatius and 48km from Saba. St. Maarten is the biggest of the three Windward Islands and has a location of about 95.8 km ².

St Martin / St Maarten is the tiniest island on the planet to be shared by 2 sovereign governments – the Dutch and French. Considering that in 1648 the island has been divided in two, with, Sint Maarten, the smaller sized Southern side comprising part of the Netherlands Antilles (41.4 km2 ), and Saint Martin, the bigger Northern side being a French Overseas Territory (54.3 km ²).

The island is situated on a submarine plateau called the Anguilla bank with a maximum depth of 36m, which it shares with the islands of Anguilla and St Barthélemy. St Martin/St Maarten has an irregular shape, having numerous bays and lagoons along its coast. Numerous unoccupied small islands surround St Martin/St Maarten. Tintamarre, also called Flat Island, Ile Pinel, Little Secret and Green
Key at the eastern side of the main island along with Great Key in Simpson Bay Lagoon come from French St Martin.

Pelican Key, also called Guana Key, Molly Beday, Cow and Calf and Hen and Chickens at the eastern side of the primary island in addition to Little Key in Simpson Bay Lagoon come from the Netherlands Antilles (Dutch) side of St Martin/St Maarten.


Coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove and salt pond habitats appear around most of the St Maarten coastline. The coral reefs have spur and groove developments (coral ridges divided by sand channels) and boulders at the dive sites ‘The Maze’ and ‘Hen and Chicks’ are encrusted with numerous types of corals, sponges and polyps. Seagrasses are discovered generally along the southern and south western shores, although they are on the verge of total extinction due to damage triggered by conch fishermen and beachfront property development.

Mangroves can be found around Simpson Bay Lagoon, and around the salt ponds, which supply a perfect habitat for roosting, nesting and migrating birds along with a wealth of other types. The salt ponds supply important foraging locations for many birds and the brackish and sometimes hypersaline conditions give rise to a special wildlife neighborhood that includes several fish types, snails and insects.

The highest points and the geologically earliest parts of the island remain in the centre, including Fort Hill.
( 220m), Cole Bay Hill (215m), Sentry Hill (344m), Saint Peter’s Hill (317m), Flagstaff (386m), Paradis (400m) and Naked Young Boy Hill (300m). Flagstaff is the highest hill on the Dutch side.

Belair St Maarten


Established in 1763, Philipsburg, the capital of Dutch St. Maarten, filled a narrow stretch of land between Great Bay and the Great Salt Pond. With its numerous shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and gambling establishments the beachfront boardwalk forms the focal point of traveler activities and has become a popular stop for cruise liner.

Drone Video of St Maarten

Beaches In St Maarten and Saint Martin

All Beaches in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin

Wherever you stay, you’re never far from the water.

Does your perfect vacation involve soaking up the sun with your favorite book and taking a dip in pristine turquoise waters?
If the answer is a resounding yes, this guide to the best beaches in St Maarten & Saint Martin is exactly what you need right now.
The magical island, nestled in the Caribbean, is quickly shaping up to be a prime vacation destination. Interestingly though, it is shared between two countries. The north of the island, St. Martin, is governed by the French while the south, St. Maarten, is governed by the Netherlands.

In recent years, the glorious beaches, perpetual all-year sunshine, and vibrant nightlife have lured in throngs of tourists eager to experience the fabled waters and postcard-esque beaches.

Best Beach in St Maarten and St Martin:


World Famous Maho Beach

Located southwest of the island, Maho Bay Beach has something not many beaches can boast of. Located adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport, beachgoers are able to get up and close to the massive planes approaching the runway. A myriad of bars line the beach, offering views of the runway, and allowing you to watch the planes land while sipping on your favorite beverage. Or, hit the nearby shopping malls or roadside stalls – there’s plenty to do around here.
That’s hardly all of it. The island is surrounded by a coral reef so swimming and snorkeling opportunities are plenty abound. The reef sees a mesmerizing array of species that won’t disappoint.

Mullet Bay Beach

If you are looking for something quieter than Maho Beach, Mullet Bay Beach maybe exactly what they are looking for. Lush palm trees, undisturbed waters and white sanded beaches make this spot a particular favorite amongst locals.
Rolling surfs are another highlight here. Within paddling distance, the beach has plenty of surfer ready waves, making it well suited for newcomers as well as seasoned surfers. Unfortunately, the close proximity to the cruise terminal – about thirty minutes – attracts large crowds when ships dock so that maybe something you should consider before you visit.

Fourteen at Mullet Bay Condos – Sales & Rentals

Simpson Bay Beach

Simpson Bay Beach is as rustic as it comes. Although very close to the airport, it remains one of the most secluded spots on the island. Running for almost 2 kilometers around a lagoon, the secluded beach invites relaxation with calm waters and a backdrop of vibrantly colored fishing boats and the houses of a little village.
It is largely undeveloped so don’t expect much in the way of infrastructure. But, if you are looking for a lazy swim or just some beachside lounging, this is exactly where you should be. Just beware of the steep drop in the ocean bed and you should be fine.

Simpson Bay – La Siesta Beachfront Penthouse

Orient Beach

This stunning stretch of beach hides a massive coral reef that offers avid swimmers and snorkelers’ hours of exploration. You’ll also find an array of popular watersport activities including windsurfing. But fear not as there’s plenty for the laidback folks. For starters, there are plenty of entertainment centers, restaurants and shopping stalls, selling everything from tropical t-shirts to souvenirs. Additionally, the beach is clothing optional and so is popular amongst some of the braver visitors.
Situated southeast, this beach is sometimes referred to as “Saint Tropez of the Caribbean” due to its frequent celebrity sightings and stunning natural beauty. Whether it is a night’s stay you are looking for or just unfiltered beach indulgence, you can’t go wrong with Orient Beach.

Baie Rouge

Roughly translating to Red Beach, this beach is known for its unique reddish sands. Sitting right in between two headlands, it is frequented by flocks of terns and gulls which is why the western end is called Birds’ Bluff, or Falaise des Oiseaux in the native language. The other end, known for its remarkable now-collapsed cave with two natural arches, is named Devil’s Hole, or Trou du Diable. Snorkeling is always an option at the collapsed cave but do be aware of the strong undertow.
As you walk towards the western region, clothing becomes increasingly an optional need but there are plenty of stalls selling clothing accessories and snorkeling equipment for rental.

Dawn Beach

Just south of the France and Dutch border, Dawn Beach stands out for two key reasons; one is the mesmerizing sunsets that gave the beach its name and secondly, the clear unpolluted waters that offer unparalleled snorkeling opportunities.
The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa property dominates most of the beach and is the reason the shoreline sees a lot of foot traffic. The beach is free to access and the Westin parking lot is open to all visitors. However, even a higher-than-normal crowd doesn’t blemish the experience one bit, especially when it comes to the sunrises. However, do keep in mind that the waves at the beach can be quite rough on some occasions so swimming here is better left to seasoned swimmers.

Friar’s Bay

Referred to as Anse des Pères by the locals, Friar’s is one of the few family-oriented beaches on the island. If you are looking for a break from the more scantily clad shores, do make a beeline here. The gentle shallow waves make it a great shoreline for some seaside fun with the children while the beach bars afford plenty of local flavors and beverages for you to relax.
The beach is between the towns of Marigot and Grand case – do be careful when navigating the bumpy snaking road down to the coastline. Another important factor to note is that the beach has no public bathroom so do plan ahead.

Little Bay Beach

Looking for some seaside indulgence not too far away? Little Bay Beach is a beach strip just a short walk away from the docks. You’ll find a wide selection of shops, restaurants and bars, but surprisingly, the beach doesn’t see too much traffic. The white sand on the beach is as clear as it is soft while the water remains constantly shallow with no abrupt drops.
Local hawkers sell you everything from refreshments to cold beer – don’t be afraid to bargain! Those of you craving an adrenaline rush can choose from a variety of watersports including snorkeling and jet skis. The infrastructure is much more developed than Friar’s Bay so you can expect more facilities.

Cupecoy Beach

Connecting the borders of the island’s two administrative halves, this beloved beach is set in the backdrop of ocean caves and sandstone cliffs. The unblemished sand offers the chance for sunbathing and simple relaxation while swimming is a popular activity when the seas are calm.
The beach is more of a local favorite so don’t expect much in the way of facilities. However, if you can bring your own food, this is the ideal spot for a seaside picnic!
As you move towards the French border, clothing becomes optional while the Western corner is a highlight amongst the LGBTQ community.

Pinel Island

If you don’t mind a bit of an adventure, this secluded island is a magical getaway that’s well worth the journey. Accessible only by boat, shuttle services drop you at an uninhabited island for a couple of dollars where great sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming opportunities await you.
There are a few places that serve local cuisine and beverages while rentals offer equipment for watersports. Do note that given the island is located within a marine park, jet skis and fishing are prohibited. It’s increasing popularity is also attracting large crowds but if you can stay beyond 4.30 PM – when the last ferry leaves – you can enjoy the tranquility more.

More to follow

More on St Maarten’s and Saint Martin’s beaches coming soon.

St Maarten Permanent Residency 2021

St Maarten Permanent Residency

How many nationalities can get the St Maarten Permanent Residency quickly?

St Maarten takes immense pleasure to tell the world that it is home to over 100 different nationalities. We may be the most diverse country in the Caribbean! The country is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, located on the southern part of the Caribbean island shared with neighboring French Saint Martin. As you know, the Netherlands is a member of the European Union, so EU citizens will not need to worry about obtaining St Maarten permanent residency permits and visas to migrate to St Maarten. Moreover, bilateral relations of the country with the U.S. allow the citizens of the United States / Americans to invest, visit, live, and work, without the need to apply for residence and working permits.

People from the developed and semi-developed countries, such as Canada, the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America, visit the island for various purposes, like tourism and vacation adventures. Some people love the place so much that when they retire, they settle on the island.

March 2021 Update: Common Questions by Quick Message.

Unfortunately no you can only reside and work on the Dutch side.

Because of the bilateral treaty, American can live and work in St Maarten for 6 months without any restrictions or hinderance. Enjoy that workcation!

Yes it is! Basic necessities are very expensive, particularly utilities and services. St Maarten is a luxury destination.

Various types of St Maarten Residence Permits

St Maarten is a welcoming country for the citizens of the entire world. Authorities have set different immigration routes for various nationalities based on their needs to migrate to the island. Some people want to reunite with their family members, while others find investment opportunities and invest their money in various businesses and lands. However, we find that there are some common reasons for which foreigners migrate to St Maarten. These include:

  • Investment in business or property
  • Family reunification
  • Cohabitation
  • Retire and spend the rest of the life enjoying on the island
  • A treaty between the United States and the Netherlands
  • Employment
  • Higher education

St Maarten Residency For Family

St Maarten permanent residency based on employment

St Maarten permanent residency based on employment is a suitable route to migrate to the island for those individuals who are looking for a job in St Maarten. Firstly, they need to apply for the employment permit to the Department of Labor with the help of his/her future employer. They must do so before they enter the territory. Later, they can apply for a residence permit.

St Maarten permanent residency based on sole Proprietorship of a business

Small businesses are beneficial to any economy that exists in this world. It is well-understood by the authorities of St Maarten island. Thus, the government issues St Maarten permanent residency for business owners running their businesses in the country for more than a decade. To remain in the state and continue to run their businesses, they need to obtain residency permits. The Businessmen need to attach a few crucial documents, such as, business license, a copy of the director’s license, which should be obtained from the Economic Affairs department easily, a copy of the Chamber of Commerce registration that should not be older than six-months with the application. Also, the statement about the operational condition of the company. Last but not least, a reference letter from the bank stating the financial situation of the company.

St Maarten permanent residency based on investment in the real estate

Foreigners who have saved a decent amount of money and want to live a happy life in a peaceful country then they can consider investing in the country to get St Maarten permanent residency. To obtain the visa, the applicant needs to buy a piece of land or residential property on the island. Moreover, to document the intention of purchasing a property in St Maarten, the applicant needs to get a statement from the local bank stating that he/she is willing to invest at least NAF 900,000 or USD500,000 in the island. Lastly, proof of the required investment is attached to St Marteen’s permanent residency application.

Properties over USD500,000 – All Locations

Guana Bay Modern Villa
Indigo Bay Villa For Sale
Cole Bay Modern Home
Simpson Bay Modern Condo
Dawn Beach Oceanview Luxury Condo
Beachfront St Maarten Villa For Vacation Rental Income
Dawn Beach Modern Family Villa For Sale
Porto Cupecoy Apartment For Sale

St Maarten permanent residency based on reunification with the family

Some circumstances occur in life that separates the family members from each other. St. Maarten government understands this situation and allows the immediate family members to reunite and live together with their loved ones. Happy families residing in the country make it a joyous society. However, there are different visa requirements for Dutch citizens and non-Dutch nationals. Netherlanders provide; a passport, birth and police clearance certificate, school registration letter for children, and original marriage certificate. Non-Dutch citizens need to attach some additional documents including residence permit of the spouse, spouse job letter mentioning the monthly gross income and date of joining the company, and confirmation of the salary of at least NAF 24000 besides the documents required for the Dutch nationals.

St Maarten permanent residency based on cohabitation with a Dutch citizen

If a foreigner is in a relationship with a Dutch national, then he/she can immigrate to the island. The immigration is possible because of cohabitation with a Dutch citizen. The local has to sign a legal agreement to live with a foreigner on the island without being married.
In other words, two adults who are not married but want to live together. The documents required to apply for the permit include the passport of both the partners, police clearance record of both partners, statement of guarantee filled and signed by Dutch partner, original cohabitation agreement, and proof of non-marriage.

General requirements of Official documents to apply for St. Maarten permanent residency

Applicants need to put in with certain official documents that are issued by the local government when they apply for St. Maarten permanent residency. These documents vary from case to case. When you visit the Immigration and Border Protection Service, make sure you possess the original documents. The legal papers include but not limited to:

  • Passport
  • Character clearance certificate from the police department
  • Birth Certificates
  • Adoption records for adopted infants/teens
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Employment letters
  • Bank statements
  • Net-worth details

Is it possible to apply for permanent residency while being present on St. Maarten island?

In one word answer, No. You cannot apply for permanent residency yourself. Your employer needs to start the residence permit process if you are already present in the country. Also, you would need to leave the country to complete the immigration process. You will not be able to stay or come to St. Maarten island before the final verdict of the application is out.

Thank you for reading our short and precise guide to Permanent Residency in St Maarten. For any recent updates, forms and additional information please check the Government Of Sint Maarten official requirements as stated on the official website; Residency Guide.

Fourteen Mullet Towers Construction Update 2020

The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers: Ocean Views

Fourteen Mullet Towers Construction Update 2020

The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers: ocean views over white sandy beaches

Focusing on the on-going construction of the 21-storey (tallest!) Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers in Cupecoy; luxury condos with ocean views everywhere. Key feature being: you will find it difficult hiding from the ocean!!

I live in the area, and drive-by multiple times a day, I can assure you this is a professional operation! Well managed and never any problems! Which is surprising to say for any construction site in Sint Maarten. So this is a great compliment to the background planning and on-going management.

They have also currently started excavation on the foundation for Tower B. Moving quite fast, to be honest, and meeting projections! Even though the Tower names are a little ‘cheesy’ with names like A and B; the completed residences are going to be a class above the rest.

And one of the marvels of this construction project is that when complete, Fourteen at Mullet Bay will be the tallest building in Sint Maarten.
The views from higher floors are going to be ‘mad!”. I can’t wait for the parties!!!

One of the things I wonder most is what are the views like from the Fourteen Towers penthouse? I mean its 360 degree literally! Raw unobstructed Caribbean views, above every hill and mountain in St Maarten. Maybe you can see more islands!?

Condo Sales

You only pay 30% right now. For prices of Fourteen Mullet Towers.
Read my story in the report with proof that a rival Developer complained about Fourteen Mullet Towers. Its incredible.

Detailed report with more photos: Fourteen Mullet Bay Condos

NOW SOLD! Dec 2020 Update: I have a one-bedroom condo for sale at the Towers. These are all sold out, this is a resale. So please hurry. WhatsApp number is below.

February 2020 Construction Update The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers

The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers: Ocean Views

February 2020 Construction Update - The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers

February 2020 Construction Update - The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers

February 2020 Construction Update - The Fourteen Mullet Bay Towers

Want to see more:
Just ask me for an update, I live in Cupecoy, I can always get more pictures.

My phone (WhatsApp) number is +1721 526 1819 and I am Ritika, Head Broker at Century21 St Maarten.

Looking forward to having a chat about Fourteen Mullet Towers.

Date of post: September 2020
Date of photos: February 2020

Thank you.

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