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We have created a short video to share with a behind-the-scenes look at what a buyer experiences when looking for a property in St Maarten courtesy of Ritika Nanwani; the Head Broker for Century21 St Maarten.

Home and Garden TV (HGTV) represented by House Hunters International approached award-winning Realtor Ritika Nanwani to feature in a TV show aired in Canada and United States in 2015. Incredible achievement!

Ritika Nanwani is our award-winning Head Broker with 25 years of real estate experience and owner of the Century21 Island Realty; the home of St Maarten real estate.

As St Maarten’s most award-winning realtor Ritika Nanwani was a natural selection by HGTV House Hunters International to represent St Maarten real estate in the TV show aired in 2015. Being a natural process for Ritika; the episode turned out to be a 100% success!

The clients bought the Rainbow Beach Club condo under the listing price and just listed it (6 years) later for 70% more than the price they paid!!!
How incredible is that for a success story!

If you are ever wondering what to expect when buying a property in St Maarten, please watch this short video to understand how friendly the process is.

How To Buy A St Maarten Condo

Our new offices are on the lagoon waters of Simpson Bay, St Maarten. The short video highlights in brief how Ritika will work with a property buyer when you are in St Maarten.

  1. First visit our website at https://www.century21-stmaarten.com/
  2. Identify any property that meets some of your requirements.
  3. Try and look at properties that are also over your budget; because Ritika is an expert negotiator who will be able to do the impossible!
  4. Email us with 2 to 3 properties that you like.
  5. Ritika will communicate with you by your preferred method and understand all your requirements before you arrive to St Maarten for your property hunt.
  6. Ritika will dedicate the time while you are here entirely to your property hunt.
  7. You will be able to ask her questions during lunch and dinner because she will be with you the whole time. Make the most of 25 years of experience in St Maarten real estate!
  8. Once you have identified the property you desire; you put in an Offer to Purchase which is an official negotiation agreement that is signed before the final Sales & Purchase Agreement.

We look forward to welcoming you to St Maarten and I hope to meet you in similar circumstances!

Thank you for watching.

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