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180 Degree View

$ 599,000
Beds : 2    Baths : 2    Property Ref no : 022      
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Property Details:

  • Sale type: Sale
  • Property Ref no: 022
  • Property Status: Active

About this Property:

If you would like to live in one of Simpson Bay Yacht Club’s most thoughtfully planned condos, definitely consider this 2 bedroom stunner. With a 180 degree lagoon view, you couldn’t pick a nicer place to begin.

Features: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, gourmet kitchen with aluminum tiles, living/dining area, air refreshing balcony, 2 floors, 2 boat slips, 2 car parking and 2 common pools.

The maintenance fee for this condo is only $ 541 monthly.

Both boat slips can be rented out or used personally and you only pay $40 yearly for the maintenance.

With walking distance to the beaches, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, theatres and has 24/7 security on premises, what else can you ask for?

To see for yourself, call Emily today!