Things To Do In St Maarten And St Martin

The secret of the Caribbean; St Martin is full of surprises and things to do. Guests arrive with expectations of world-class dining, white sands and blue waters. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg (excuse the irony). St Maarten and St Martin team up to present some of the Caribbeans best days and nights out for things to do.

There is so much to do that you won’t be able to cover everything in your first visit; this is exactly why we in SXM receive the most repeat guests within the Caribbean! and that isn’t any exaggeration!
If you are coming to St Maarten for the first time, you will probably be inundated with choices of things to do in St Martin and St Maarten. I have narrowed down the list below to just a few options to help you plan; but once you are here; you will probably venture out on adventures unknown and have the time of your life!

Here are a few things to do in St Maarten as a first-timer from a local perspective!

Hiking The Heights of Pic Paradis

When you have to hike for almost 424 meters, you have high expectations about the place, and Pic Pardis lives up to your expectations and even beyond. This place is the island’s highest point at provides you with an astonishing view of the jungles, the beach, and the resorts. It is very eye-catching to see all of your visited places in those days fit into a single frame. You are going to have a lot of adrenaline spike in your blood. It’s just that much thrill.

Pic Paradis is not the only hiking destination. St Maarten is actually dotted with hiking trails everywhere with natural pools and views that are only possible by hiking trails.

Sun, Bathing and Building Sand Castles!

A long forgotten hobby and one that naturists might not enjoy me recommending; but the delicious sands present some of the best opportunities to unwind and relax.
Did you know the beach represents one of the best opportunities to relax and probably something your therapist would advise. Especially with activities like swimming, sunbathing and building sand castles, St Maarten will elevate all those depressive thoughts and lift your spirits.
Some of the best beaches I would recommend are Mullet Bay Beach for its long uninterrupted sands and privacy.


I am well traveled and have seen plenty of sunsets in various parts of the world; but one of the reasons why everyone keeps returning and making St Maarten their new home; is our stunning sunsets. Red, purple, with shimmering clouds and glorious backdrops there is always drama when viewing sunsets in St Maarten. Cupecoy Beach and Mullet Beach offer some of the most beautiful locations to sit out and enjoy this natural beauty on offer.

I implore you to never miss a sunset while in St Maarten.

Scuba Diving and Boat Charters

Experienced apprentice jumpers rush to St. Martin to investigate the coral reefs found off the shoreline of St. Martin. A few unimaginable plunge locales where jumpers can get looks at vivid oceanic life inside the unmistakable, blue water. Jumpers can decide to investigate coral reef territories or even wreck zones as well. Experienced jumpers can swim the profundities of the submerged desert garden here, while tenderfoot jumpers will be glad to realize that St. Martin is home to shallow water jumping as well.

Enjoy local cuisines

The menu, a lobster melody, braised red snappers, sugary duck bosoms, mushroom risotto, veal in gratin of blue cheddar, ocean scallops, and duck liver and mango ceviche, is a demonstrated top choice with the island’s gourmands. Simultaneously, the calm inside of whitewashed dividers and comfortable little tables is definitely perhaps the most sentimental spot to get comfortable for dinner in the zone of Grand Case.

I can’t seem to stop thinking of recommending the best restaurants, the best house music scene and beach activities; but these are some of the secrets you may just have to experience yourself while exploring every corner of my island, SXM.

Adventure Activites

Loterie farm should be on top of your list for things to do in St. Marten. If you are looking for adventure rides to drive you passionate about a park-based theme in a jungle, you should pay a Loterie farm visit. There are a lot of fun activities offered by Loterie farm. Try to spend a night in a lodge for an overnight stay at a day with fun adventures in the theme park. Whether you stay for the day to enjoy joy rides or a night stay to gaze at sparkles in the sky, you are going to love it anyway—zip lines and obstacle courses on top of an on-site restaurant. Swimming pools and hiking trails in dense forests are also there to add to your ever-flourishing experience.

If you consider horse riding an adventure you also have the option of taking a ride on the long forgotten horse trials in Cay Bay while enjoying the majestic views of the St Maarten. I personally find the trail a little short, but the photo opportunity is priceless. Instagram aficionados flock here as the most important activity in SXM.

The opening of the steepest zip line in the Caribbean at Rainforest in Mary’s Fancy; offers you an opportunity to feed yourself some adrenaline during your St Maarten vacation. I would highly recommend this activity even if it’s for just a few seconds. A thrill is a thrill; no matter how long it lasts.

Maho Beach Experience

Don’t mistake Maho Beach as a beach destination; it’s not even really a permanent beach; but it is the Most famous spot for watching low flying planes and feeling the truly immense power of these modern flying machines. Airline hobbyists travel to SXM just to watch the planes and feel the wrath of its engines from as close as any airport in the world will permit.

Be prepared to fly; literally!

Perhaps the most famous seashores in St. Martin is Maho Beach, found towards the westerly end of the island’s airport. Because of this current closeness to the air terminal, beachgoers to Maho Beach experience the extraordinary sight of planes flying only a couple of hundred feet over the seashore. Both exciting and adventourous, a day at this seashore is undoubtedly not exhausting. Snapping an image of a plane flying hazardously near the seashore here is really a special trinket to reclaim home with you. A visit to Maho Beach should be added to your St. Martin basin list.

Orient Bay Beach

Located in St Martin; Orient Beach is like no other. Not only is this one of the widest and longest beach available, it also offers a plethora of truly world-class restaurants and activities that rival even Dubai!! I bet Dubai or Bora Bora doesn’t offer a nude beach section like Orient.
This beach is one of the friendly beaches with a clear mountain view and long horizons of vast sea line. Clothing isn’t a must for this beach. White sands with calm, clear water waves is very pleasing.
All ages are welcome here, however parental supervision is recommended around the nude beach.

Buy Real Estate

This isn’t a shameless attempt at self-promotion, St Maarten is actually the number one Caribbean destination for real estate investment.

Without going into utmost detail, condos and villas in St Maarten offer fantastic returns on your investment. The prolific commercial activity and popularity among travellers; make every real estate investment a truly magnificent proposition.

We are talking about up to 10% return on your investment and it’s not just the numbers that make sense; it’s the wholesome living experience that make buying in St Maarten a truly exciting proposition.

The proof is in the pudding; every study indicates that the future of Caribbean real estate is in St Maarten and St Martin. There are world-class developers from Toronto, Miami, Italy, France and Monaco to name a few who have made St Maarten their overseas development prospect. Fortunately for you Century21 St Maarten has all the properties available in one convenient place for you to view!

Experience A Diverse Culture

The island has been separated for around 350 years into two sides: a Dutch and a French side. French sides hold control of France while the dutch side is independent and heavily influenced by American tourists. So a lot of you will feel at home when you need to. There is no proper border present, but you will see many flags and signposted saying Bienvenue en Partie Francaise which means welcome to the French sides. Two sides don’t resemble much to each other. There you will see French culture prevailing a lot in the community and the architecture itself.

Cupecoy Beach

I may have mentioned beaches before, but being my favorite spot I have to emphasize that this is one of the best spots on my Little Rock. Limestone cliffs, hidden caves and white beaches with romantic red stones lining the shores; this is a dreamy location that shouldn’t be missed when in St Maarten.