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Villa Crystal

Beds : 3    Baths : 2    Property Ref no : 035      
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About this Property:

This is a Gorgeous Villa, with a breath-taking Ocean View!

Interiors: Living room is overlooking St Barth’s.Fully furnished and equipped with flat screen TV on cabinet, sofas and tables, lamps and a tea area with a full sea view.

The Master’s Bedroom – Enjoy the best of views on St Barth’s from your bed. The Master’s Bedroom has a straight access to the terrace. All rooms are air conditioned with private bathroom and a sea-view.

Bathrooms: are made of granite with stone carved water basins and color changing LED shower pommels.

Kitchen: A superb top class modern kitchen opens to the terrace and pool area with a cocktail bar.

The entire house is floored with sand granite and walls are painted in fushia color, which offers to this well air-conditioned living room a very warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Exclusive Features:

  • Very large terrace (170 m2/ 1830 square feet.) including the pool and roofed dining room.
  • Overflow swimming pool with an incomparable view of St Barth’s and a perfect exposure to the sun.
  • The terrace floor is all of sand granite for a very clean look and the dining table (8 chairs) is carved out of solid rock.
  • Access to the house through the front door is protected by an electric pergola with integrated LED lights.
  • The pivoting front door is of solid aluminum. Barbeque, ice machine and a possible vine cellar have all been included in the outdoor layout.
  • Gates are transparent glass for a Glass Deck impression, thus preserving the house’s impregnable view.
  • Two Royal Palm trees delimit both extremities of the property and are lit up at night to be seen from the terrace.